Discount outdoor lights – Save Money the Stylish Way!

Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking for a way to improve your outdoor lighting on dark evenings like this? Many people find that they want to add outdoor lighting to their yard, patio, driveway, porch, and garden. However, in economic tough times, consumers are looking for ways to save money, and buying discount outdoor lights is a great choice.

Types of outdoor lights

There are lots of different types of lighting that can dramatically change the way a house looks and feels, although many people only consider lighting for the interior of their house. Having outdoor lights, especially outside houses with a lot of outside space, can make simple landscaping seem drastically different. There are countless types of outdoor lightings and fixtures you can choose from some of them are listed below.

Pendant lights

The primary, and possibly most popular form of outdoor lights, are pendant lights. Pendants can either be standing or hanging and can lend a genuinely exotic appearance to an otherwise bland patio or front walk. Standing pendants are generally used relatively low to the ground, to light a walk for visitors or to cast illumination on bushes, flowers, and other parts of your garden. They can be either directional or general. Hanging pendants are most often used on front porches or patios, and can provide light for cooking, partying, or simple conversation. Certain types of hanging pendants can have different levels of illumination for reading, social interactions, or general outdoor lighting to best suit what you are looking for.

Wall mounted lanterns 

Wall lanterns are generally used near the building itself, but can be used to light entire yards or walks. Having just a few wall lanterns on a back patio can make the place a relaxing site for reading at night, enjoying a nightcap, or simply listening to nature from the comfort of a hammock. Wall lanterns also tend to lend a somewhat eastern vibe to many areas, though one of the most popular ways to do this is with standing torches. Standing torches are some of the most popular outdoor lights for parties and get-togethers, and give a distinctly Pacific flair to what can otherwise be a bland yard.

Recessed outdoor lighting fixtures

Recessed lighting is a good choice, therefore, for the top floor of a building, which is typically blanketed with insulation. If housing does not carry an IC rating, it should be used away from insulation, which is typically the ceiling between floors of a building. Recessed lighting can be much easier to install than one would think, especially with the wide variety of housings and lighting types to choose from. The recessed light fixture is a versatile, easy way to effectively light a variety of spaces. Since recessed lighting is set back into a wall or ceiling, the housing allows light to bounce off in relatively any direction, giving a wider, softer overall lighting effect. Many people choose this type of lighting for spaces they want softly lit in an unobtrusive way.


Spotlights are a design idea that has truly stood the test of time. They first came into fashion in the sixties and never lost their popularity. The early designs were very futuristic in nature and were predominantly eyeball shaped, and were even known to be used in science fiction films and television shows of the time. But they soon became a useful part of home lighting schemes and are hard to beat when it comes to lighting any area where tough work is being done, or when you want to clearly illuminate one area and leave the rest of the room quieter. Background lighting, not to mention adding style to the room.

Outdoor Security Lighting

For every homeowner, a reassurance of their safety is priceless. One of the most efficient and sensible ways to do this is by installing security lights. The best outdoor security lights may not be a hundred percent crime buster, but it can have a significant effect in reducing the occurrence of crimes. Installing outdoor security lightings can really help to discourage criminals from invading your property. There’s nothing more comforting to a criminal than dark or poorly lit surroundings. Outdoor lightings fill your house with the needed illumination so that you would be able to spot criminals or vandals from a distance or even right inside the comforts of your own home. Also, most outdoor lightings come with a motion sensor feature that activate whenever a movement is detected.

Outdoor solar lights

Outdoor solar lights are a magnificent way to add character or emphasize the beauty of your landscaping. It can be modified in order to match your outdoor design, like your outdoor furniture or plants. Just like any other outdoor solar deck lighting, solar powered lightings are also made to routinely 

Outdoor Path Lighting

Homeowners know that outdoor path lighting can do wonders with enhancing the outside appearance of their homes—not only that, it also doubles as a crime-preventing device. So, it is beneficial for you to be updated with the latest innovations and become a wise shopper for these products. Outdoor path lighting is a great tool in improving the overall look of your home. If appropriate placements are done, outdoor path lighting can emphasize the structural features or accents around your house in order to produce your desired look. 

You have to keep in mind though that it is important for you to select the appropriate type and placement of fixtures for your outdoor path lightings because it will have a great impact on your overall design. Will it be just a decoration or is it also a security device? Turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. It is really a great tool to make your yard a sight to see.

LED lighting

Well-designed garden lights can turn your garden into a wonderland at night, adding ambiance and beauty. There is a large selection of light sources, from low voltage and LED lighting to solar garden lighting. The right lighting can create a magical landscape in your garden after sunset.

Porch lights 

Porch lights are a useful, decorative and affordable addition to any home. Most importantly, they are essential for safety at night when you are lounging on your porch in the late hours. Good porch lighting should add aesthetics to the home without annoying neighbors or costing too much maintenance.

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