7 Essential Gear You Need for Any Travel Destination

7 Essential Gear You Need for Any Travel Destination
Once travel becomes a real possibility again, it’ll be time to use all that PTO you’ve been stashing away and head off on your next adventure. Where will you go next? France? Peru? Vietnam? South Africa? Wherever it is, it’s important to know what to bring along to make your trip as fun and painless as possible. While there are some specific items you might need based on your travel destination (mosquito spray or a parka, for instance), there are some pieces of travel gear that are must-haves no matter where the winds take you. Check out this list of 7 essential travel items that you’ll need, no matter your next destination!

The right travel bag

The first thing on your checklist should be a travel bag that’s with you no matter where your journey takes you. Suitcases can be helpful for bringing large amounts of clothes and other goods, but if you’re a seasoned traveler looking for their next adventure, a solid backpacking backpack – like an Osprey backpack – is a much more versatile and convenient option. Look for bags that have plenty of room, but are still compactable. And remember the golden rule: a bag is only as good as its zipper, so don’t cheap out on a bag with low-quality hardware.

A trusty pair of shoes

Running through airports to catch flights, dashing about town trying to find the perfect local cuisine, spending all day walking through historic cobblestone streets – these can be pretty tiring for your feet. Having the right pair of travel shoes will make all the difference. Options like Adidas, New Balance, or the best Nike running shoes can all help keep you active all day while traveling without ending up with sore feet or an aching back. Here’s what to look for:
  • Cushioned EVA foam midsoles
  • Supportive construction for your arches and ankles
  • Breathable upper materials that keep you cool

Travel-sized toiletries

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite toiletries behind. Be sure to pick up travel-sized versions, or opt for reusable travel bottles that you can refill between adventures. Here’s a mini packing list to remember what you need:
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant
  • Daily medications
  • Makeup, if desired
Be sure to keep your toiletries in a convenient travel pouch, too, so you’re never rooting around in your bag hoping to find something.

Hydration essentials

Traveling can be exhausting – and dehydrating. That means you need to bring along plenty of water to stay healthy on your many journeys. A solid reusable water bottle is essential for your hydration. Pro tip? Remember to drink all your water or empty it out before going through airport security – then refill it once you’ve passed through to the other side.

Safety gear

Some travel destinations can be a little riskier than others. And plenty of people know how to spot a tourist and try to take advantage. That makes travel safety gear essential. Anti-pickpocketing pants and money belts are a secure way to keep your valuables with you, even when traveling through crowded locations.

A solid phone plan

Your phone is your lifeline to the rest of your life, and an indispensable tool when navigating a new location. However, not all phone plans have solid coverage cross-country, and even fewer offer high-quality international plans. In order to ensure your travel goes as well as possible, invest ahead of time in a phone plan that can use international networks. You’ll be able to map out your day’s adventures, quickly look up places to eat, and get on-the-fly translations if you don’t speak the local language.

Travel insurance

The last item on your list of travel essentials is travel insurance. It’s something that many people forget about, or simply don’t think about in the first place when making travel plans – but that’s a huge mistake. Between missed flights, lost baggage, pickpockets, and about a thousand and one other things that can go wrong while traveling, it’s essential to keep yourself covered with a travel insurance plan. The best plans can be fairly inexpensive, and cover a wide variety of potential costs. Ultimately, your peace of mind is worth it – be sure to look into travel insurance, and stock up on all the items mentioned here, before your next getaway!