The Mystery Behind Blow Up Dolls: Who Made It?

Who Invented Blow Up Dolls

For those who have known all about what a blow up dolls is, you are a cultured man. But those who do not know what it signifies, let us share with you what the blow up doll means. The most common question regarding the blow-up roll is not the most basic one, that is, what does it mean. But apart from that one apparent question, there is also the most important topic that everyone wants to know. That is, who invented it. If you are one of those who wants to know about it as well, then we have got you covered. 

Who Invented The Blow-up Dolls?

The inventor of the blow-up doll is still not available. In other words, who invented it is unknown. However, it has garnered a lot more attention than one would have imagined. But let’s get one thing cleared. Contrary to the name, Blow up dolls is a form of a s*x doll. 

But if we track the s*x doll to when one invented it, we have to travel back to the 17th century. It was the Dutch sailors in the 17th century who made the s*x doll in the earliest. The reason why they invented it was to relieve the s*xual tension during the long sea voyage. 

The first recorded blow-up doll hence made it to the books in 1908. The first record of blow-up dolls was in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch’s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. His book confirmed that it was because of s*xual purposes that they invented the blow-up doll. 

However, after the s*xual revolution was noticed in the late 60s, the advertisements started pouring in. The ads for this variation of dolls appeared in magazines. It helped people choose the variation of dolls they preferred. 

One could choose the hair color and styles to suit their preferences. It became an instant hit in the market. 

So, What About The Speculation That Adolf Hitler Created The S*x Dolls?

During world war 2, many speculated that Adolf Hitler ordered the authority to send the s*x dolls to the German troops. The German troops fighting on the front line received the dolls. There was even a rumor that it was Adolf Hitler who created the dolls. However, this theory is nothing but a hoax. 

According to many rumors in the Borghild Projects, Hitler sent the dolls for medical purposes. He sent it so that the Nazi troops can combat the spread of syphilis among men. The record has stated that Heinrich Himmler inspired the project in a 1940’s memo. 

He stated that there was an issue related to syphilis in the houses of prostitution in Paris. In that report, he wrote, “The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores.” That is why Hitler supposedly approved the project to provide s*x dolls to the soldiers. 

The authority transported the s*x dolls to the soldiers so that they avoid the Parisian brothels. After Hitler gave the project a yes, the designer set to work to create a doll or gynoid. The project was under Franz Tschackert at the German Hygiene Museum.

The Project And The Contemporary Study:

Although many deemed this theory to be a hoax. As there was close to no evidence available, many thought that it was a class rumor. However, the main evidence that supported the theory was two photographs. 

Supposedly, they rescued the photographs from the trash. So they disapproved of it as a hoax. After this, no employee at the German Hygiene Museum could recall the project. They even judged whether it existed or not. 

Ending note:

The Blow Up Dolls was an intricate part that provided pleasure, and to some extent safety to the user.

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