Slip and Fall Injury Claims in Florida: Do’s and Don’ts

Slip and Fall Injury Claims in Florida
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Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common issues in the workplace. On average, they account for eight million hospital visits each year. They aren’t considered the fatal cause of most occupational injuries. However, they do account for a majority of missed workdays.

If you’ve been a recent victim of a slip and fall injury, here are some dos and don’ts to consider when filing a claim. 

DO Know the Statute of Limitations

The state of Florida has a statute of limitations on slip and fall claims. According to Law 95.11, section 3, part six, you have four years to file a claim against a company or other party. This starts from the date of the accident.

DON’T Go with the First Law Firm You Speak with

Finding the right law firm to help with your injury claims isn’t as simple as clicking the first internet search link. When this is done you’re bound to encounter difficulties. For instance, their attorneys might not be subject matter experts in slip and fall issues. In addition, you might reach an address that is a scam.

Take care when you do your research. Ask others who’ve applied for injury claims who they worked with. View sites like Yelp for reviews of attorney services. The more you know ahead of time the greater your chance of success. 

If you’re looking for a personal injury firm in Florida, then thoroughly examine their website. Then, search court records for cases organizations like the Fernandez Firm handled. Their record should tell you how well they’ve done supporting injury cases.

DO Save Your Paperwork

The best way to maximize your slip and fall injury rewards is to keep all necessary paperwork. This means documentation provided by your company, the hospital, the pharmacy, and any physical therapists. Also, save statements that come in from your insurance company and records of workdays missed due to the injury. Finally, have information ready on the amount of pay lost due to the slip and fall.

Present this to the Florida injury lawyer that works your case. Don’t worry about the volume of material because they need as much as possible to build a case. They’ll take on the task of reviewing or assigning it to one of the firm’s researchers. 

DON’T Except Less than You Need

Never accept an offer that’s less than you need to live comfortably. This is especially if the slip and fall resulted in injuries that keep you out of work. If you can’t perform your duties due to the negligence of another organization, then equal compensation for living expenses and medical bills. 

DO Look for a Personal Injury Firm to Help You

If you end up injured due to a slip and fall, you need help getting the proper compensation. If you do this on your own you might get caught up in a never-ending run of red tape. Minimize this by asking for help from a personal injury firm.

The attorneys at these agencies are subject matter experts if the realms of personal injury and worker’s compensation. Thus, they know ways to cut through the red tape and get you the proper monetary awards. If they can’t do this through arbitration, the best personal injury firms in Sarasota, FL won’t be afraid to take the issue to court.