Alice Delish: Wiki, Childhood, Before Fame, and Net Worth

Alice Delish

Alice Delish is a popular YouTuber who creates fun, engaging content for her viewers. Her videos are known for their humor, creativity, and relatability, making her channel a go-to destination for people looking for a good laugh. If you want to learn more about her childhood, career or net worth then read this article.

Alice Delish Wiki

Alice Delish, actual name Alice Diaz, was born on May 3, 2002 in Russia. She is a famous social media personality and YouTuber. Alice Diaz has a brother called Nick Diaz, and her net worth as of 2022 was forecast to be over $1 million.

She is well-known on YouTube for her beauty and clothing content, and she has a sizable Instagram following, where she often publishes beauty shots and pictures with her partner.

Alice got a lot of attention recently when an old video of her posted, in which she said that no one cares about who you are until you have money. She then apologies for any harm she may have cause and made it clear that the comment did not reflect her true beliefs. 

Despite claims that she will stop creating videos, it is uncertain if she will return with new content, especially given her previous account bans and the reaction from her bad remarks.

She’s most known for her vlogs, in which she shows her new outfits and products. She is a great business woman who has her own brand of beauty goods.

Since then, she has gotten over 27.5k subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her sister Olivia and mother Sandy can also be seen in her videos. Both of them have two other YouTube channels. One is just for hanging around, while the other is for their beauty vlogs.

Family and Childhood

Alice Delish was born in Russia on May 3, 2002, to parents of British origin. Her father is a rich businessman in the automobile industry, and her mother is a teacher. They’ve been together for more than 30 years, and she has always live in Moscow with her five-member family.

Alice has two younger brothers, one of whom is ten years old and the other of whom is just eight years old. She also has a younger sister who is three years her junior. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as travelling around Russia. 

Alice is fluent in Russian, English, German, and French, and she also speaks Spanish, which she learned at the age of 13. Additionally, she knows Arabic from an Egyptian friend when she was 15 years old. Alice enjoys meeting new people and learning new languages.

Her parents taught her goals of being a model and actress from an early age. Delish came to fame at the age of fourteen and has since been in papers and advertisements.

She went to New York City when she was eighteen to pursue her beauty career full-time. Before becoming a professional model, she did work at a number of jobs. The first was as an assistant at a famous law firm.

She then spent time at two separate digital agency as well as other famous companies. She has been in ads for premium labels like as H&M, Zara, and Tommy Jeans after joining with the IMG Models agency.

Education and Career

Alice Delish went to college for two years after graduating from high school in 2008 before taking a break from her studies. She began her fashion and acting career in 2010, and she has started acting in various films and television series. In addition, she has experience as a director.

Education and Career

She made her debut music video for her Brother John’s band in 2014. Also, she designs clothing to give ladies more clothing alternatives.

She a well-known woman and actress, has been on the covers of several famous magazines. She’s also been in films like “The Devil Wears Red” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”

Delish and her friend Brooke Shields began the Alice Foundation in 2007 to encourage the provision of high-quality mental health treatment across the world. She is also working on an internet business that will provide high-quality apparel and accessories at low pricing.

Net Worth

She, a model and social media celebrity, has a $1 million net worth as a result of successful partnerships with businesses such as Fashion Nova and Boohoo. She’s also been seen in music videos for musicians including Lil Baby and Chris Brown. Apart from acting, Alice has a growing YouTube channel where she makes fashion and beauty content.

Alice also advertises items on social media channels, primarily TikTok and Instagram. Her TikTok engagement rate is 11.8%, and she may make between $625 and $937 from a single banner ad. She has 800,000 Instagram followers, with a 10.23% activity rate (averaging 89k likes per post). As a result, she might earn between $2,391 and $3,986 on a paid Instagram post.

Hobbies and Favourite Things

She enjoys a variety of hobbies in her free time. Here are some details about her hobbies:

  1. Cats – Alice’s favourite thing is her cats, which she loves to spend time with.
  2. Baking and sweets – Alice also enjoys baking and indulging in sweet treats.
  3. Traveling – Alice loves to explore new places and has been to many different countries.
  4. Japan – One of her favourite destinations is Japan, where she enjoys the culture and food.
  5. Disney movies – Alice is a big fan of Disney movies and often quotes them in her videos.
  6. Hello Kitty – Alice has an extensive collection of over 200 Hello Kitty items.
  7. Music – Alice is currently learning how to play the piano and ukulele.
  8. Martial arts – Alice has studied martial arts and has a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In terms of her career, Alice has done designing and has been in multiple movies and TV episodes, including Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. She has also been in hip-hop musicians’ music videos.


If you want to know more about the biography and profile of Alice Delish, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with information on her wiki, including her height, age, boyfriend, net worth, and interesting facts.

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