Torrid Credit Card: Learn everything related to Alternatives (2023)

Torrid Credit Card

Do you wish to possess a store-branded credit card to save money every time you decide to make a purchase? On using this category of credit card, you can avail plenty of bonuses and rewards whenever you choose to purchase something from a specific store. Torrid credit card might be a helpful option for you. It is a closed-loop card that can be used exclusively in Torrid stores. Using this credit card, you can get cashback and special discounts on the total purchase amount displayed on the bill. Moreover, the torrid credit card has simple policies that can make any user happy and content. In this article, we have gone through all the details that you need to know to make an efficient decision whether to avail of a torrid credit card or not. 

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Torrid Credit Card: An overall review

When it comes to plus-size clothing, Torrid has become an ideal choice for people around the globe. Mostly, you might see clothing brands focus mainly on tight or slim-fitting clothes. However, Torrid went with a different vision, which led to it being launched in 2001. In the early days, Torrid took a decision and found its credit card, which customers can use for a rewarding shopping experience. 

Unlike other store-specific credit cards, Torrid has brought something that is user-friendly and offers rewards on a frequent note. Once you make a purchase, points will be added to your credit card, which you can redeem later as per suitability. Torrid has also maintained a discount spree and cashback for each cardholder out there. 

When you are a user of a Torrid credit card, paying any annual fees wouldn’t be required. This feature makes the Torrid credit card an even better option for customers who are frequent buyers. Nonetheless, you might need to pay specific additional fees like late fees or purchase return fees using a Torrid credit card. 

Remember, Torrid credit cards are exclusively available for use in Torrid stores only. You won’t be able to use Torrid credit cards in other shops during purchases as it is not programmed for other businesses. For getting your Torrid credit card, you can easily apply for one by following a few simple steps. When you are a Torrid credit card user, you won’t have to carry much cash with you. Instead, swipe your credit card reader and reap a vast range of exciting rewards. 

Torrid Credit Card

Benefits of using Torrid credit card

  • Opening bonus

Multiple people are found to voice their grievances regarding the availability of opening bonuses on credit cards. However, when you have a Torrid credit card, you won’t have to face those issues, as a Torrid credit card provides 40% off on online purchases. Furthermore, a $15 coupon would be given to people who manage to spend over $50 on their first purchases online. You can also get an additional 5% discount on purchases made directly from Torrid stores using this credit card. But combining those two discounts wouldn’t be a viable option. 

  • Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Once you redeem the Torrid credit card, you will be eligible to participate in the Torrid credit card loyalty program. This store loyalty program consists of three tiers, namely Insider, Loyalist, and VIP. However, you would only be able to know your tier depending on the money you have spent on Torrid stores. 

  • Collecting points and redeeming

When you have a Torrid credit card, you can earn one point for every single dollar spent using the card. However, there are other ways of collecting points, such as opening marketing emails, writing product reviews, sharing products on social media pages, and linking your Instagram account with the Torrid account, which can help you avail more points.

  • Elimination of annual fee

One of the most significant benefits that comes with using a Torrid credit card is it doesn’t require users to pay any annual fees. Thus, you can reap all the benefits of a Torrid credit card at no cost. 

  • Increasing credit score

If you use the Torrid credit card wisely and regularly, you can increase your credit score. Whenever you use a credit card, purchase information is sent directly to credit bureaus. Therefore, by using the card relatively, you can accumulate a positive credit score, thereby boosting your overall credit. 

  • Extra rewards

When you are a user of the Torrid credit card, it instantly makes you eligible for sales and discounts on occasional notice. Moreover, you would be able to receive a birthday gift, which is exclusively offered to every Torrid credit user. 

  • Showing fair credit

Comenity Bank is the one that offers Torrid credit cards, which are not likely to demand a good credit history. However, you need to show a fair credit score history to receive the card on a more superficial note. 

How does the Torrid credit card operate?

First of all, you need to enter the Torrid rewards store loyalty program to ensure you qualify for a Torrid credit card. Anyone can join the Torrid reward program free of cost without having to pay any annual fees. While there are different ways of earning points and cash using the Torrid credit card, you can gather those points and redeem them later. On the other hand, when it comes to Torrid money, you can either use it online or physical stores nearby you. Over 600 physical stores are situated all across the United States, where you can use Torrid credit cards according to your wish. 

It also has the option of sharing points if you are not interested in using them. However, you need to pay the credit amount within due time at the start of each month. Not paying the credit on time will result in additional interest charges on your credit amount. The annual percentage rate of Torrid credit card is 29.25% after the recent update. Moreover, late fees might also be charged for failing to pay the balance on time. 

What are the ways of redeeming and sharing your Torrid rewards?

Every credit card comes with an expiration date, before which you must use the points and rewards. Not being able to do so will result in expiration and failure to utilize Torrid credit card capabilities. To redeem your Torrid credit card points, you need to visit its website and log in with your user credentials. Once you do that, click on My Account, which will show rewards that have been accumulated and their expiration dates. On selecting a reward, you can use them at checkouts. 

For instance, you have completed your shopping and might have the requirement of buying anything more. If that’s the case, you can choose to share the rewards as a gift to other Torrid account holders. Here is a guide that you can follow to share your tips successfully without wasting them. 

  • Visit the official website of and sign in by entering your correct login credentials. 
  • On successfully logging in, click on my account and navigate to the Torrid cash page. 
  • Among the eligible Torrid cash displayed, select the ones that you want to share.
  • After clicking the share option, you are required to enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the rewards. 
  • Once you have entered the address, click on the next button. Additional instructions will be shown on the screen for completing the process. Remember, when you have sent the gift, this process can be reversed. 

How can you get the Torrid credit card?

If you are one of the daily customers frequently visiting Torrid? In that case, you should definitely get a Torrid credit card for yourself. The application process for the Torrid credit card is relatively simple compared to other store-specific credit cards. However, you need to check the eligibility requirements before applying. For this reason, we have provided the list of requirements that need to be met. 

  • Fair credit

Due to the card being offered by Comenity Bank, you need to show a fair credit history. 

  • Age

You must have crossed the age of 18 or touched the same to be eligible to apply for the card. 

  • Address

A US address proof must be present, which needs to be shown for applying for this credit card. 

  • Credit score


A 640-credit score must be attained to have a chance at applying for this Torrid credit card. 

After checking the requirements and ensuring you have met them, the next step would be to apply for one. Here is a breakdown of the process that you need to follow for the Torrid credit card application:

  • Visit the credit card application page, where you will come across some credit card application requirements and their benefits. Going through each one carefully to understand the policies of this card elaborately. On completion, click on the “Start application” button. 
  • This will take you to a new page where personal information will be asked to be filled. 

First name

Middle name

Last name

Preferred suffix

Social security number

Date of birth

  • When you complete filling up the personal information page. A new section will be opened where the address needs to be provided to the user. Ensuring you fill in the correct details to avoid posing as someone else or sending the credit to the wrong address. 
  • Once you have completed the address page, click on the continue button to get to the terms and conditions page. 
  • Everyone must read the full document carefully to avoid any mistakes, as it is a financial matter. There is also an option of customer support who can help out whenever you don’t understand any terms or policies. 
  • On going through the document once again, click on the print option, which will help you save it for later. 

The Torrid credit card takes almost 7 to 10 days to arrive once you have applied. But before using it, you have to activate the card by calling the application number at 1-800-853-2921. You can also opt for an online activation by visiting the Comenity Bank website, where necessary instructions will be provided. 

Tips on using the Torrid credit card

  • Steps for logging into Torrid credit card

  • First and foremost, visit the website of Comenity Bank, where you will find the Torrid credit card page.
  • Two boxes will be displayed to you where the username and password need to be inputted. 
  • Click on the sign-in option, and a two-factor authentication code will be required. This code will be sent to your email or phone number used during the verification process. 
  • On successfully entering the correct details at the necessary places, you will be logged into your account. From there, you can check your balance and payment history, carry out payments, and collect rewards as per suitability.


  • How do you reset Torrid password?

These days, most people, due to maintaining numerous accounts, need to remember their passwords. It is not an easy task to remember all of them, but you can easily click on the option I forgot my password to reset them. On the points below, an elaborate description of the steps has been provided.


  • Visit the sign-in page of Torrid credit card. 
  • Once you do that, don’t fill up the username and password blanks. Instead, click on “I forgot my password”. 
  • A new page will be opened where email and phone numbers need to be provided. Do the same, but provide ones that are directly linked to your account. 
  • On doing these steps correctly, you will be sent a reset link to your email address from where you can change your password. 


  • How do you complete shopping with a Torrid credit card online?

  • Sign in with your account username and password by visiting the Torrid website.
  • Take a tour through the website to pick the items that you want to purchase. 
  • Add those items to your cart like in other instances.
  • On checking whether you have added all the items, opt for checkout. 
  • At checkout, you will come across multiple payment options. However, pick the one that displays Torrid credit card. 
  • On picking a Torrid credit card, you will be required to provide all necessary information regarding your card. 
  • Lastly, insert the payment amount and click on submit to complete the payment. 

How does one pay their Torrid credit card?

There are multiple ways through which you can pay the credit bill while using a Torrid credit card. Some of the options have been provided in the list below:

  • Using smartphone

One of the most reliable ways of paying your credit card bill on Torrid credit card would be using a smartphone. You can even do so without an internet connection by calling customer service at 1-800-853-2921. This will be an automatic line where you need to provide credit card information and other details for processing the payment. 

  • Using mail

Choosing to mail your bill is yet another convenient way of paying your credit card bill. In this method, you might not require an internet connection or even a phone. Moreover, you can also keep a physical record of the mail and payments sent using it. However, when you want to mail your credit card bill, please do it at the mail address below. 

  • Comenity bank
  • PO Box 659584
  • San Antonio, TX 78265-9584


  • Online

When it comes to one of the most effective ways anyone can choose to pay off their credit bills would be online. To make an online payment, you need to visit the Comenity Torrid account page, where the correct username and password need to be given. From there, you can check an elaborate breakdown of payment summary, due balance, and payment links. 

There, you will find a payment link that you need to click to start the processing of payment. Please enter the amount you want to pay or make the whole cost itself; either one is possible. However, conduct a thorough review before completing the payment process. 

  • Torrid mobile application

When you are a holder of a Torrid credit card, installing its mobile application might be a step in the right direction. This application is available for both IOS and Android. Thus, you can quickly complete your payment in the comfort of your home. 

What’s the minimum payment for a Torrid credit card?

A minimum amount needs to be paid on a particular date whenever you receive the credit card bill. This minimum amount will depend on several factors like credit balance, APR, total interest, total payments made, and a few other aspects. For instance, if you possess a balance of $29 or below without adding a late fee, you might need to pay that amount in full. In simple words, the minimum balance would be $29, which is 1% of your current balance. Therefore, whichever is found to be greater will be charged as your credit card bill. 

How can you use Torrid’s credit card responsibly?

Most people who are using credit cards for the first time might need to be responsible regarding their purchases. That is why, in this list below, we have provided a few tips that can help in using Torrid credit cards responsibly. 

  • Payment on time

It wouldn’t matter which credit card you are using as long as you are making the payment on time. Doing so will also help in the improvement of credit scores and healthy credit history as time passes by. 

  • Avoid holding a balance

Before the end of each month, ensure you keep the balance at $0. This will help in saving yourself from high APR, which can sometimes be 30%. Try to pay off those balances in full to avoid the interest charges. 

  • Wise use of rewards

Torrid is quite famous for offering a wide range of offers, discounts, and other benefits to attract customers to its credit card program. However, it would help if you controlled your spending wisely, as overdoing it for redeeming rewards might be more damaging to your pockets. 

  • Keeping a close eye on your account

Most people are known to check their account balance before making a payment. Nonetheless, you need to check the card regularly to keep a note of your spending actively and monitor it profoundly. 

  • Card usage

The card usage is based on the total amount you have decided to spend through a credit line of yours. Most credit experts are known to suggest spending only 30% of your credit limit because going beyond those levels might be an indication of overspending.

Tips to avoid paying late fees on Torrid credit card

Being unable to pay your credit on time would lead to a substantial late cost, which can rise to almost $41. Thus, we have provided a listicle containing tips that can help you avoid paying late fees on your Torrid credit card. 

  • On-time payment

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind to ensure you don’t have to deal with late fees is making the credit payment on time. Therefore, if you manage to pay the credit fees on time, you won’t have to pay any penalties. 

  • Setting a reminder

Every person these days carries smartphones due to the rapid innovation in technological preference. Thus, you can easily set a reminder on your calendar on the date when you need to clear those credit fees. 

  • Automated payment option

There is an automated payment option that you can select when paying your Torrid credit card fees. This is one of the simplest ways, as you would only need to log into your account and set up the automated payment plan. 

  • Tracking your bank balance

Only setting up an automated payment plan wouldn’t be enough to avoid any late payments because you need to keep a close eye on your account balance constantly. If you don’t have enough funds in your account, then an automated payment plan might not work. 

  • Adding an authorized user

Choosing this option of adding an authorized user is a prudent step you can take. Somehow, if you are not able to pay the fees on time, then your allotted authorized user could pay the bill. 

  • Calling customer service

Lastly, when you aren’t financially capable of paying the bill on time, calling customer service might help. From them, you can request an extension of the payment date, which might be possible by showing a good credit history. 

Drawbacks of Torrid credit card

Even though there are multiple benefits that you can enjoy through having a Torrid credit card, there are a few drawbacks as well, which need to be taken into consideration. Before you decide make to get a Torrid credit card for yourself, looking at both positive and negative sides will be crucial. 

  • High APR

Although there are plenty of advantages that the Torrid credit card offers, one of its biggest drawbacks is the high APR. This APR could be extended towards 30% based on the balance you carry. Therefore, on using this credit card, the amount of savings you might have incurred could be drained quickly when the bill is not paid in time.

  • Additional fees

Unlike other credit cards, you wouldn’t have to pay any annual pay for carrying a Torrid credit card. But if you fail to pay your credit within due time, the late fee charged could be $41. Moreover, there are also extra fees charged on availing of the return payment option. Almost $25 could be charged when you trigger the returned payment using your Torrid credit card. 

  • Finite rewards

Yet another major drawback of the Torrid credit card is the limited reward bracket for users. Only a 5% discount is offered whenever you make a payment using a Torrid credit card. On the other hand, a staggering 40% discount is provided when you make the first purchase using your Torrid credit card. 

  • Restricted usability

When it comes to Torrid credit cards, they can only be used in Torrid stores or Torrid websites. Other brands have not yet allowed Torrid credit cards to be used in their shops. However, if Torrid decides to go for partnerships in the future, then there might be a possibility of Torrid credit card having more usability.

Learn about the alternatives to Torrid credit card

Every other item on the market is known to have options. Therefore, the Torrid credit card also has a few, namely Chase Freedom Flex, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature, and Wells Fargo Active Cash card. For you to understand those alternatives efficiently, we have created a comparison table exclusively to look at those different cards. 

Credit cards Torrid Chase Freedom Flex Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Wells Fargo Active Cash Card
Welcome bonus Get a $15 coupon for spending a mere $50 on your first purchase Get a $200 cashback for spending $500 in the first three months of being a new user $100 worth of Amazon gift cards for Prime members Get a $200 cashback for spending $500 in the first three months of being a new user
Cashback 5% cash back on regular purchases Get different varieties of cashback like 5% on travel, 5% on rotating categories, and 1% on other purchases 5% cashback on whole foods, 5% for restaurants, 2% at drug stores and 1% during other purchases A fixed 2% cashback on all purchases
Intro APR For the first one year and three months, you have 0% intro APR For the first one year and three months, you have 0% intro APR For the first 6 or 12 months, get 0% promo APR For the first one year and three months, you have 0% intro APR
Regular APR 29.99% 29.99% 26.99% 20.24% to 29.99% 
Annual Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
Late Fee $41 $40 $39 $40
Return Fee $25 $34 N/A Can rise to $40

How do you know whether the Torrid credit card is good for you?

Until now, you must have understood multiple things, from positives to negatives, regarding Torrid credit card. Nevertheless, we have created a table for you to know whether this Torrid credit card will be helpful for you or not. 

Plus size fashionable people  Suppose you are one of those persons who likes to shop frequently for their plus size products from Torrid. In that case, getting a Torrid credit card can help you save a valuable amount. 
Fair credit There are many credit cards on the market that require you to have a considerable credit score. However, the Torrid credit card would be a good choice when you have a fair credit score.
Not carrying a balance The APR of your Torrid credit card will be high. Only those people who don’t carry a regular balance with them should opt for this method of method. Or else it will stretch your savings.


Comparison between Torrid users with credit cards Vs. no credit card

Thousands of people shop through Torrid stores, but only some of them have a Torrid credit card in their pockets. This is a comparison table that you can quickly go through to understand the difference between the ones who possess it and the ones who don’t. 

Torrid customers with Torrid credit card Torrid customers with no Torrid credit card
An instant 5% discount on all purchases made at Torrid stores online or physical.  Doesn’t offer a 5% discount on purchases
A chance to avail of a welcome bonus for users who are new to Torrid credit card No welcome bonus is given to users who have made their first purchase in Torrid stores without a credit card
Subject to high APR Not subject to any APR or extra fees
Chance to get exclusive rewards, promotions, discounts, occasional giveaways, and plenty more Doesn’t provide any rewards or discounts on purchases
Direct access to a credit card limit, which starts at $250 and keeps on increasing with time No credit card limit reading is required


  • In what way can you add an authorized user to your Torrid credit card account?

To add an authorized user to your Torrid credit card account, you need to first log into your Torrid credit card account and click on the option “add an authorized user.” Next, you need to fill in all necessary details of the person whom you want to add and submit the request. Lastly, Comenity Bank will verify your request and send an approval based on it.

  • Is there a way for Torrid credit card members to earn points differently?

No, currently, there are no offers related to earning points differently for Torrid credit card members. Any registered user under Torrid credit card membership can make one point on spending one dollar using the card. 

  • Is it possible for Torrid credit card members to earn more points differently?

No, there is a limit on acquiring points, as spending $1 will help you gain 1 point. Having a Torrid credit card doesn’t mean you can elevate the level of rewards. 

  • How do you use Torrid rewards?

While shopping online, you can easily use your Torrid rewards by selecting the card during checkout. There is an option to redeem up to 10 rewards using your card online. Moreover, there is also an option of using the rewards at the brick-and-mortar Torrid store by taking help from associates garrisoned. 

  • Will there be an expiry date for Torrid rewards?

Yes, similar to other credit cards online, there is also an expiration date for Torrid credit cards. Generally, a Torrid credit card reward remains valid for 45 days from the day it is issued. An additional option is provided for users using which they can share the tips with their friends. 

  • How can you check Torrid’s points and rewards?

By signing into your online account, you can check your credit balance, points, and rewards. 

  • What is the credit limit on Torrid credit card?

Based on your credit card history, the credit limit on your Torrid credit card can start at $250. However, you can apply for an increase after a few months of usage and avoid any late fines. 

  • What’s the lowest credit score to apply for a Torrid credit card?

You need to show a credit score of at least 640 to be eligible to apply for a Torrid credit card. But every user might not have the same credit score as it changes based on your credit history, location, and fair score. 

  • What amount needs to be deposited for a Torrid credit card?

You wouldn’t need to deposit any security money to avail of a Torrid credit card. 

  • Is there a way to apply for a Torrid credit card without a credit history?

Based on the general rule set by Torrid, you need to have at least a fair credit history with a minimum of 640 credit score. Nonetheless, you can also get your Torrid credit card based on the frequency with which you have purchased items from the Torrid store. 


Torrid credit card is an excellent option for those who have been associated with Torrid stores for a long time. When you are a frequent purchaser from Torrid stores, issuing a credit card in your name might be a big financial decision. Due to the addition of rewards, bonuses, and a more comprehensive range of features, your shopping experience will be elevated to a new level. This article might have helped you gain an eventful insight into what to expect being a Torrid credit card user.