Everything You Need To Know About Choe Song

Choe Song

Choe Song is the vice-chairman from Sinchon in North Korea. Also, he is a famous personality because of his wife Kim Yo Jong. After all, she is the younger sister of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. Now, let’s take a closer look at some details of Choe Song.

The early life of Choe Song

Choe Song came into this world in the year 1988, in Sinchon, North Korea. Well, his exact date of birth is not available. Of course, using his year of birth, you can say his age is 33 years. His father’s name is Choe Ryong Hae and his mother’s name is Kang Kyoung Sil. Choe Song’s father is a military official and the first vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission.

On the other hand, no info is presently available about his siblings. Also, he finished his education in his hometown at a private local school. After that, he went for higher education. Then, he started running his own business.

Choe Song and rumours about dictator’s death

Well, he mainly came into the spotlight when the North Korean dictator’s health was rumoured to get worse. Furthermore, some rumours even confirmed the ruler’s death. In turn, speculations and doubt arose on who will take over the country. So, to strengthen the country spirits, his wife, the sister of the dictator got back into the decision-making body. Yes, she got appointed again to this body. Moreover, this made her name grow to fame in her country and to the world also.

Kim Yo Jong

Also, Choe Song’s sister has direct access to her brother during such a time of confusion. In fact, it is believed that she has a powerful influence on her brother. Furthermore, some sources claim that she knows everything to know about Kim Jong Un. Now, you can see how the name Choe Song got much attention. After all, being married to such a powerful person, it will be hard to remain hidden.

Lesser known facts about Choe Song

  • Well, one of the reasons that not much is available under the name Choe Song is due to his secretive personality. Yes, you cannot find much about his professional details online.
  • His name got famous because of his wife, Kim Yo Jong. Of course, it’s no secret that she is the younger sister of North Korea’s leader. Now, you know why Choe Song became a curious subject to the public.
  • Also, he married her in 2014.
  • Furthermore, his height is 5 ft 8 in. In other words, he is 1.72 meters tall. And, his weight is 143 lbs which are 65 kgs.
  • His wife is known for her amazing loyalty to her brother. Moreover, she directly deals with South Korea and foreigners to defend her country.
  • On the other hand, Jong makes sure that the world sees the positive side of her brother.
  • Kim Jong 2 is the father of Choe Song’s wife Kim Yo Jong, who is his youngest child.
  • Well, if Kim Jong Un died, then either his sister or his sister’s son will replace.
  • Finally, some sources claim that Choe Song helps his lady love with her career.

Well, that’s all folds. This is all we know about Choe Song. After all, being a top official in North Korea, not much information is available about him.

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