5 Best Action Camera Flashlight and Buying Guide

action camera flashlight

Action cameras are widely used to capture high-quality images and videos. However, there is one issue with these cameras: they struggle to capture photos in low light, which is where the action camera flashlight comes in. In this article we have listed what to consider when buying one and 5 best camera flashlight you can purchase right now for your action camera.

What Exactly Is An Action Camera Flashlight?

An action-camera flashlight is nothing more than a strong LED light that can be used with an action camera. These can be mounted on an action camera or as a stand-alone gadget lamp. In addition, action cameras differ from DSLRs and small cameras. They perform less effectively in low-light and distant settings. Furthermore, they are small and function poorly in low light.

Action Camera Flashlight
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Using the flashlight attached to an action camera can enhance the picture or video quality in night time or in low light. Similarly, using a flashlight makes it much easier to capture distant objects or scenes, as well as underwater photography or filming. Furthermore, when it gets dark outside after sunset, it is also an excellent choice for taking photos and recording videos.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Action Camera Flashlight


The weight of the flashlight is an important factor while choosing it. To do so, you must first evaluate how bright of a light you require and why you are purchasing the flashlight.

If you are going to connect the camera to your head, you will not want to get a large, hefty light because it will hurt your neck. Most people prefer to get a lightweight flashlight that they can simply carry with them. However, the option may differ depending on the situation.


The compatibility will be the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a camera flashlight because there is no need to waste money on an incompatible light. As a result, verify that the light is compatible. Check the light’s installation capabilities so you don’t have to deal with a problem later. 

Beam Strength

One thing to keep in mind is the beam strength. The lumens decide the intensity of the beam. As the lumens increase, so does the beam strength. If you need an action camera in low-light conditions, you should look for a flashlight with a higher lumen rating.

Weather Protection

A good camera can resist all weather conditions in the same way as a good camera flash light can endure and perform in all conditions. It should also be waterproof or water-resistant so that it does not get ruined when immersed in water for shooting.

Battery Life

When purchasing a flashlight, battery life is an important aspect to think about. For extended periods of use, you will require greater battery life from your flashlight. Some lights have a battery life of only approximately 2 hours, while others have far longer.

5 Best Action Camera Flashlight

Suptig High Power Waterproof Action Camera Flashlight

If you are looking for a good underwater flashlight for your action camera then, this one is for you. The Suptig flashlight has been water-tested to a depth of 45 metres (147 feet). This action camera flashlight is 2.95′′ x 1.65′′ x 2.75′′ (7.5 cm x 4.19 cm x 7 cm) and weighs 2.88 ounces (81 grams).

It features 36 LEDs and shines from a 60-degree angle. Its light has a colour temperature of 5500K to 6000K, offering a neutral, natural tone to your photographs or footage. It features three lighting settings, the brightest of which is capable of producing 500 lumens.

Suptig High Power Waterproof Action Camera Flashlight

The battery life in this mode is roughly 1.5 hours, but you can utilise the power saving mode, which can last up to 4 hours. SOS mode has the longest battery life, lasting up to 6 hours. A micro USB cable is required to recharge your action-camera flashlight. Still, the battery is detachable, so you can bring extra external batteries if you require a lengthy battery life.

ULANZI LED Video Light for Action Cameras

This camera flashlight is ideal for taking low-light video or images. It includes 81 LEDs, 40 of which provide warm light and 41 of which generate cool light. It offers a CRI of 95+ and a colour temperature of 3200k or 5600k depending on which beads are on. The beam strength in high mode illuminates a distance of 6 metres, while low mode illuminates a distance of 3 metres. 

ULANZI LED Video Light for Action Cameras

The angle of light is 120 degrees. The flashlight body contains three cold foot mounts for attaching mic, extra lights, or other accessories. The universal hot shoe mount allows it to work with a wide range of action cameras, but it also functions with tiny and mirrorless cameras.

A USB Type C cable can be used to recharge the built-in lithium battery of your flashlight. A full charge of three hours will last 150 minutes at max brightness and 480 minutes at low power.

Suptig Adjustable Colour Temperature LED Video Light

You can pick between 5250k, 5250k, and 8000k for the colour temperature when using this flashlight. This makes it ideal for low-light scenarios, night-time photography, and even macro photography, which requires precise lighting. The Suptig can be adjusted to several brightness settings.

The battery has a maximum runtime of 60 minutes and a minimum runtime of 120 minutes. However, you may hook it into a laptop or battery pack to run on external power without limitations for longer battery life. This action camera flashlight is not waterproof, unlike the others in this article. So, if you want anything that can go underwater, this isn’t the device for you.

GoPro Light Mod

The GoPro Light Mod is another fantastic camera flashlight for underwater usage, with a max depth of 20 metres (33ft). It includes five distinct light modes, including a flash for signal and visibility if you need assist when using your GoPro action camera in low-light conditions.

GoPro Light Mod

The four brightness settings allow you to alter the beam strength by varying the lumens. For the brightest lighting, the settings are 20 lumens, 60 lumens, 125 lumens, and 200 lumens. The battery life varies depending on the level: at the lowest level, it can last up to 6 hours, then 2 hours, one hour, and 30 seconds in overdrive, and finally 3 hours, one hour, and 30 seconds in ultra-mode.

VIJIM VL100C Bi-Colour LED Video Light

The maximum brightness of the VIJIM VL100C LED flashlight is amazing, reaching up to 900Lm (2500K-6500K). It has a wide illumination angle of 120 degrees. VL100c has a colour reproduction index of 95+ and 100 high-quality led beads, making it the ideal action-camera flashlight.

VIJIM may be used as an external light source because it emits a soft light and has three colour options. You may conveniently swap between modes by using the simple colour wheel. The device comes with a 2000mAh lithium battery that is simple to recharge. Because of its huge battery capacity, you may use this flashlight at maximum brightness for up to 8 hours.


Action cameras have transformed the way individuals used to make creative videos in the past. The action camera flashlight has given these cameras a lot more capability. If you’re in the search for one right now, we hope the information in the article above will help you make the best choice.

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