Solving Problem in Poor Blood Circulation in Just 10 Minutes


Poor blood circulation may lead to worse and more serious complications. If you already notice that you are experiencing poor blood circulation, as early as possible it is necessary for you to consult a doctor. It is important to resolve this type of condition right away because it can lead to a heart attack then death. Halo Health Company has products that can help with this kind of condition. Health is wealth and prevention is always better than cure. Why spend a lot of money on sickness when you can be healthy in the first place? 

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There are different ways to do so but there is also a quick resolution for poor blood circulation and one of the most effective ways is exercise. Below are some 10-minute workout or exercise to help in solving poor blood circulation problems:

1. Push-Ups

How to do this:

Push-ups are common work out routine. First, lie on the floor. Your body should be facing the floor. Elevate your body while putting the pressure on both of your hands. From there, your hands and toes should only be touching the floor. Push your body and the pressure is in your arms. Repeat the movements within 10 minutes but do not force yourself if you cannot do it yet. 

2. Jogging

This is probably one of the easiest work out routine. Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise meaning it is good for the circulatory system. One of the symptoms of poor blood circulation is fatigue. With the help of jogging, you will feel that the daily routine will be less tiring. This exercise is very accessible. You can jog within your neighbourhood or some quiet and peaceful place you prefer. 

3. Diaphragm Breathing

How to do this:

First, lie down on the floor with your back. Bend your knees. Put your hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest. Breathe in, breathe out. Your other hand touching your chest is for checking to make sure that your chest is not rising. Your belly should only be the one moving. 

4. Downward-Facing Dog Yoga Movement

How to do this:

Yoga has a lot of benefits to your health. It relieves stress and more importantly, it also helps blood circulation. From your standing position, come onto the floor with your hands. Your palm pressing on to the floor. Both arms and legs should be straight. Make sure it is not bent. Breathe deeply in and out. Hold on to the position for three repetitive breathe in and out. It will not take 10 minutes for you to do this workout routine and in that case, you can do other exercises until it reached 10 minutes. 

Other than exercising, you can also eat healthy meals, drink or take fish oil supplements, and other supplements that help in blood circulation. Those things only take 10 minutes or less. The only key is discipline and consistency.