A Time To Kill on HBO Max and Other Movies Like It

A Time To Kill

Here is a spot of bad news for you. You cannot watch A Time To Kill on HBO Max anymore because of some problems. But do not worry at all. This does not mean we cannot recommend some equally brilliant movies to you. After all, there is a plethora of such cinema and we have selected the best among them. Just grab some popcorn and relax on your comfy chair because we are now going to present you with the said list. Are you ready? Here it comes. 

Risky Business

Everybody loves Tom Cruise now. The Mission Impossible star does his own action scenes and brushes off even grave injuries. But did you know that his first role came in the year 1983? Yeah, that is right. It was a movie called Risky Business and critics call it Cruise’s breakout role. Before he was the spy that ruled all our hearts, Cruise was merely a high school senior looking for some sex. Sounds corny yet? Wait till you watch the movie. It is one of the best in the teenage drama genre and Cruise did full justice to it. 

Alex Cross

It is time for a little serial killer action. Have you read James Patterson? He writes some of the best crime thrillers in the world. This movie also happens to be based on his 2006 novel Cross. We get to read about a serial killer who murders his victims. And arranges the scene to look like a Picasso painting. Now that is strange, if you ask us. The public is getting angry and the police look like clowns. And that is where our hero, Dr. Alex Cross comes into the picture. You have to watch this gritty crime thriller. 

The Infiltrator

Get ready for some drama and action served with a wonderful dollop of acting. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame stars as a US Customs agent in The Infiltrator. Guess his latest mission? To break up a dirty operation revolving around drug lords. They launder their money using the best techniques and Robert Mazur needs to catch them asap. And there is one way to do that. Robert goes undercover as a gangster himself. To catch the criminals red-handed. This movie is really great and we ask you to watch it soon. You will like it. 

The Social Network

Ever wondered what the world was like before the founding of Facebook? You can now get a glimpse of the invention of the world’s most notorious social media application. This movie deals with how Mark Zuckerberg and his friends decided to make Facebook. Now the movie is not that long. But you will get to experience shock, awe and pain as the characters movie through trials and tribulations. Jesse Eisenberg is awesome as Zuckerberg. But you already knew that. We get to understand the moral complications and problems of Facebook. And how we need to deal with our daily anxieties. 

Slumdog Millionaire

This movie was one of the highlights of the noughties. Many people have called it many things. If you dig a little, you will find that a lot of people were actually offended by its negative portrayal of India as a dirty, poor country where foreigners get looted all the time. Many more focused on the story of Salim, a young orphan who later becomes a millionaire. We kid you not, the story is exactly like a nostalgic trip through magic realism. It brings to mind an India that was growing in both strength and stature. You will love the movie. 

The Town

Now this is one of the classics. We all love Ben Affleck for his brilliant acting style and recent outing as Batman. But did you know that in 2010, he was part of a great crime drama movie? The Town is based on an equally wonderful novel called The Prince of Thieves. It tells the story of a bank robber who suddenly falls in love with one of his previous victims. But fate is fast catching up with him. And there is one last robbery that can come between their romantic story. 

Training Day

Here is another classic movie from 2001 for you. Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke star in this brilliant movie. It tells the story of two LAPD narcotics officers as they decide to go on a mission over the course of 24 hours. That too, in the gang ridden neighborhoods of Westlake and Echo Park. You will simply love the performances of the lead cast and one of the finest plots in existence. Just make sure you watch the entire movie in one sitting. It is definitely worth it. And Denzel Washington is still rocking it after all these years. 

The Negotiator

Before Samuel Jackson stepped into the shoes of grizzled agent Nick Fury, he was a hostage negotiator for the Chicago Police Department. This is the movie that you must watch if you love hostage situations in crime dramas. Jackson knocks it out of the park as the top negotiator Danny Roman. Throughout the course of the movie Roman has to find out who framed him for the murder of a colleague. It is tense and gritty in equal measure and you will definitely love it. So go ahead and watch the movie. A treat for all of you movie fans. 

The Client

Do you like legal thriller movies? Then you are in luck because we have a wonderful movie in the lists for you. The Client stars Susan Sarandron and the legendary Tommy Lee Jones in lead roles. Two lawyers need to race against the clock and find out where a crucial murder victim is buried. There is only one problem. The young boy who witnessed the murder is now catatonic because he witnessed a suicide. You will love this movie a lot. So sit down with popcorn and prepare yourself for a wonderful crime drama. 

Jerry Maguire

After all that gritty drama, here is a romantic comedy for you. Jerry Maguire has all our favorite stars. Most importantly, you find Tom Cruise in one of the best roles he has ever had. We find him as a slick sports agent in the movie. After his son has a life-altering accident, Jerry Maguire decides he would work only with fewer clients to provide for a more caring relationship. It is a very sweet movie and you will definitely love it. Go ahead and watch it if you have not already. Tom Cruise is simply brilliant. And we cannot get enough of him. 


Once again, we are back with a gritty crime thriller. We are pretty sure neo-noir crime movies are right up your alley. We get to witness a massive manhunt for the infamous Zodiac serial killer. The police are extremely baffled and a cartoonist named Robert Graysmith becomes obsessed with finding him. You will be gripped with interest throughout the movie because of its pacing and plotline. We dare you to peel your eyes away from the screen for the duration. Imagine living in a city with a great police force. And a serial killer stalks you all the same. 


The last movie on this list is a banger. Released in 1995, it has Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in lead roles. As two police detectives on the trail of a serial killer. This one seems to be an avid reader of The Bible. He dispatches only those victims who seem to have committed one of the seven sins according to Christianity. The movie is a wonderful exploration of human flaws and madness. You will probably notice this late in the movie, but it also explores how a perfectly normal human being descends into insanity.  

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