What Does A Letting Agent Do?

letting agents

It’s frustrating when you keep looking at shitty houses, shitty letting agents keep showing you. Does it consume your time and the cost of transportation? Just plain annoying. The best way to sidetrack all of this and get the property you want within days is getting a letting agent under oasis living.

We’re sure everyone has had a share of dubious letting agents. It’s very unpleasant and finding a new place shouldn’t even be that hard. It should be as simple as oasis living letting agents have made it. Quick and reliable!

Letting agents should naturally work with the best interest of the prospective tenants in mind, some letting agents do not. This is why you can have peace of mind with oasis living letting agents.

They’re very reliable, honest and will only show you what you’ve specified that you want. They also do not take the 10% that other letting agents do, they only charge 5%. You’re safe with a letting agent at oasis living because they will advise you about the process of leasing, and draw up agreements that will favor both you and the landlord.

Getting a reliable letting agent with oasis living also guarantees that you have someone to talk to if you have any problems or any requests to make. They are at your service and their professionalism is unmatched.

Why Renters Should Use Oasis Living Letting Agent

Oasis living letting agents are not only concerned with the one transaction they have with you. They want a lifelong good relationship with you so they carefully and attentively attend to you. This may be new in the property market, but oasis living letting agents are making sure their clients feel like clients and feel well cared for.

Oasis living letting agents have an eye for good properties with the best features that will tick most of your boxes. When it comes to infrastructure, aesthetics, and convenience, the houses will meet your expectations and go beyond them.

If you like any house that needs a bit of maintenance, it will be handled within a day. If the maintenance is not so minor, it will be resolved within three days. These letting agents are efficient, honest, and professional. 

Why Landlords Should Use Oasis Living Letting Agents

Oasis living letting agents help you find a tenant faster than other letting agents because they only charge a five percent fee and yet still render immaculate service. They make everything so easy for you as they will handle all of the stressful parts of leasing. Parts like taking attractive pictures of your property, adding them to the listings of available properties on their website, and going with prospects to go see the property.

They will also find well-paying tenants and deal with agreements, payments, and inquiries. Also, not a lot of landlords have enough time on their hands to fully have time for the leasing process. This is why you can get a letting agent you can count on at oasis living. Some do not even like the stress of answering multiple questions from prospective tenants. You can trust your prospects with oasis living letting tenants.

As a landlord, you might not know what you wrote in the agreement between you and the tenant. These letting agents can handle that for you and make sure it has all the information it needs to have.

They also offer the landlord a free visit of the handyman to the apartment to resolve minor issues like a leaking tap. They want to make sure you are getting the best and not paying unnecessary fees to a handyman. More so, this ensures the problem gets fixed quickly and makes both the tenant and landlord happy. Win-win! This is important because how swift you respond to what needs maintenance can foster a good or bad relationship between you and the prospective tenant.

You also do not need to stress about the proceeding of the process. You can always sign important documents online, automate the way you collect your rent with their services. The oasis living website is great for everyone, making renting simple and making leasing even simpler. Oasis living letting agents provide you with the security of knowing everything is being efficiently handled.

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