Mizkif’s Sister : Emily Rinaudo Biography, Net Worth and Life Facts

Mizkif’s Sister Emily Rinaudo

Emily Rinaudo (Mizkif’s Sister) is an influential and prolific social media influencer who has made it big via her lifestyle blog. She is set to showcase and share some important tricks and tips on how to live a life of happiness through her lifestyle blog. Moreover, the idealization of the rising star has shown positive results. She is also a bikini and lingerie model. Moreover, she has shown her talent every time via her works. 

What Do We Know About Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo was born in 1996, on 22nd January in Chesapeake, Virginia to Michael and Stephanie Rinaudo. The star has always kept a tight lip when it came to revealing her personal life. Hence, not much is available on the internet about the rising star. 

Moreover, the family member of the star pampers her very much, hence giving her support. It is because of their support and encouragement that she became a model and continues to become a blogger. 

She has done her schooling at Currituck County High School in Barco, North Carolina. Even though many have said that the grades of Emily Rinaudo were comparatively low. Regardless, her talent and knowledge behind the artistic expression of taking pictures bore fruit. 

The aspiring blogger has a brother.  Her brother is Matthew Rinaudo. He goes by the alias Mizkif. Her brother is an American Twitch streamer also a founding member of a gaming organization called One True King. 

She found her passion to be a model at an early age through social media applications. It was Instagram that became her beacon of hope.  She soon started polishing her skill of modeling through and through. 

The Path To Success: 

Emily Rinaudo has been in the modeling industry for 4 years now. Although she is a freelancer, there is a shortage of work for her. She has collaborated with many big names in the fashion industry. But how did it all start? Well, she started posting pictures of her in bikini and lingeries in early 2017 on Instagram. 

Her curviness garnered many fans and even speed the massage of body positivity. Her approach garnered her thousands of followers at ease. But to get to this phase, she immersed herself in the gym. If we take the pictures on Instagram as evident, she has dedicated a considerable amount of her time to keep herself in shape. 

Her dedication and passion bore the fruit of success as she worked on many projects. She even appeared in Maxim’s Finest where she made it to the finals. However, she could not win, but it could not douse her passion. Rinaudo also has collaborated with Arsenic, an online community that seeks to establish a tie between art, music, and online models. 

Her Romantic Life:

Emily Rinaudo has always kept her lips shut when it comes to her private life. Hence, less amount of information is available on the internet. However, the more secretive one is, the more curious the audience will be about their secret life. 

Although the star keeps the information contained within herself, if we take her social accounts as evidence, we have to say that she has a beau. The 25-year-old rising blogger was associated with Connor Keating. Keating is a BMX rider and the pal of the model. 

They have always been very chummy towards one another. Moreover, some of the pictures of them on social media are adorable and bear significance to their relationship. 

Net Worth Of Rinaudo:

Mizkif’s Sister Net Worth & Salary : Although a specific amount is not available about the net worth of the star. We believe that the collaboration with multiple beneficiary projects, she has garnered quite a handsome amount. The extension of her reach has helped her to have a net worth of $300 thousand. Moreover, with her modeling career skyrocketing currently, we believe that her net worth will increase with time. 

Why Did Emily Rinaudo Disappear?

Emily Rinaudo has been a sensation among her fans on Instagram but that did not save her from getting barred from social media. Although the star was at the peak of her modeling career, due to the pictures she posted that violated the accords of Instagram, her account was disabled. 

Although the star tried to create another account to post pictures. It put a halt on her career for some time. Nowadays the star is not posting pictures frequently. She hardly posts pictures. However, this setback did not stop her from reaching the height of success. 

Some Quick Facts About The Mizkif’s Sister:

  • Emily Rinaudo is 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 cm, or 1.7m tall. 
  • Her weight is currently 60 Kg or 132 lbs.
  • Her Body Measurements are 39-33-42.
  • She also famous for Mizkif’s Sister

Quick Facts About Emily Rinaudo

? Real Name:  Emily Rinaudo
? Birthday: January 22, 1996
? Birthplace: Chesapeake, VA
? Famous For Mizkif’s Sister
? Age: 25 year old
? Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
? Parents: Michael Rinaudo (father), N/A about her mother
? Siblings: Mizkif
? Education: Currituck High School
? Relationship Status: Currently single, used to date Connor Keating
? Height: 5 feet 8 inches
? Weight: 132 lbs.
? Net Worth: $200k – $500k

Ending note:

Emily Rinaudo is going strong and is a perfect example of an independent woman. She not only showcases her zeal to go big but has become an influential role model for many women out there. Hence, to know more about what is going on with the star, visit her Instagram page.