How Old Is Danny Duncan? What is the Net Worth of Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan

The well-known American comedian and social media star Danny Duncan. He is also famous for holding a vast range of abilities. He is said to be a multi-talented celebrity. He is an actor, comedian, and musician.

He is a well-known YouTuber as well. He is well-known for his humorous prank films and gaming videos. He has also done musical concerts on stage on quite a few occasions. His sense of humour is also well-known.

Who is Danny Duncan?

American internet personality and YouTuber Danny Duncan. Since 2019, Duncan has received income amounting to a yearly salary of $3 million. He was born on July 27, 1992 in Florida. Now you must be thinking how old is Danny Duncan? He is 31 years old. Sue Duncan, his mother, and his father are not together; he also has a sister and a half-brother named Matthew.

Danny Duncan started working at Walgreens immediately after getting his high school certificate from Lemon Bay. After quitting Walgreens, Danny got a job teaching Jason Lee, an actor, some skating abilities.

Who is Danny Duncan

Jason Lee commended Danny on his sense of humour and advised that he explore acting, informing him that YouTube was a good platform for doing so. Danny followed the actor’s idea, and on March 6, 2014, he created his own YouTube channel, where he published videos about skateboarding and treating sports-related injuries.

Although Danny has claimed he has had two girlfriends, he has preferred to keep his private life private and rarely mentions it publicly. The YouTube superstar and Lindsey Bell, another YouTube star, were once romantically associated. On YouTube, Danny Duncan presently has 6.7 million subscribers.

He is pleasant, smart, and sympathetic, one of the key draws for viewers to his videos. Some of the most popular videos on his channel are going downstairs on a hoverboard, falling with 30,000 pennies, and grocery shopping with Danny Duncan 4. He contends that the humor in his sarcasm is what makes it unique and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Height and weight of Danny Duncan

The American social media sensation Danny Duncan was born in Englewood, Florida, on July 27, 1992. Danny Duncan will thus be 31 years old in 2023. He stands roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 73 kilograms.

The total net worth of Duncan

Danny Duncan has collected an estimated total career revenue of 12 million dollars with his other endeavours in the entertainment sector. Duncan will have had to pay approximately 49% in taxes on his lifetime earnings because he resided in Los Angeles, California. His career earnings are believed to be around $3 million after taxes.

Although Danny Duncan is not married, he and his girlfriend have a son. He invested $3.5 million in a contemporary property in Beverly Grove, a suburb near West Hollywood, in 2019. He spent $1 to $2 million on his matters but also made $2 million from his investments. Additionally, he would have had to pay business fees of around $500,000. Consequently, Danny Duncan net worth is projected to be worth roughly $5 million.

Early life of Danny Duncan

Susan Duncan gave birth to Danny Duncan in 1992. His parents aren’t together. In his Eaglewood, California, origins, Danny attended Lemon Bay High School. Duncan began working at Walgreens after obtaining his high school certificate.

He left the job after a few months as he didn’t love it and decided to try his hand at YouTube. Danny Duncan opened his first YouTube account on March 6, 2014, and started sharing skating footage and instructional videos for healing ankle injuries.

Jason Lee, a prominent actor and former skateboarder, started working with Duncan at approximately the same time. It didn’t take Jason long to see Danny’s excellent sense of comedy and suggest that he try acting in addition to developing his YouTube presence.

Duncan took Jason’s advice to heart and teamed forces with fellow vlogger Christopher Chan right afterwards. He released various prank videos on his YouTube channel that he had prepared. He published his first viral video in 2016. From the time of uploading the video to till today, his video has crossed over 30 million views. Danny Duncan is a popular vlogger. He wants to be an actor.

YouTube Career

Early in 2014, Danny Duncan launched a YouTube channel. He frequently worked on videos with Chris Chann and Andrew Hales, two other YouTubers. He became increasingly well-known on the video-sharing website thanks to these relationships. After uploading several skateboarding videos, Duncan eventually succeeded with “Falling With 30,000 Pennies,” his first video to garner over one million views.

Danny Duncan carries a box that is claimed to contain 30,000 coins while acting like he will fall into it. Duncan’s popularity increased due to his vlogs, humorous skits, and practical prank videos. On YouTube, Duncan has attracted more than 4 million subscribers.

Danny Duncan controversies

Like many other social media gurus, Danny Duncan has learned that presenting oneself online may result in a lot of controversy. He has faced his fair share of problems, including one notable one in which he published a video of himself operating a pickup truck on the highway while hauling a specially designed pool in the vehicle’s bed.

Consequently, he had to face legal implications for jeopardising his and others’ safety. Duncan also stirred controversy when he amusingly gifted his mother a big mailbox styled like a phallus, which got mixed opinions from the general public.


A well-known YouTuber from Englewood, Florida, is named Danny Duncan. He achieved prominence by releasing skateboarding and practical prank videos on his YouTube channel; he currently operates a clothing and accessory store. Danny appears to be a highly driven, imaginative individual with a big heart.

He should be appreciated for his love of his family as well. Hopefully, he can accomplish his dream of becoming a great actor with his YouTube education.

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