10 Essential Kitchen Appliances That Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Appliances

You’ve moved into the home of your dreams! Time to throw a housewarming party! As a gift, someone brings you a blender.

You thank them and put it in a pile with the rest of your kitchen gifts. Do you actually need a blender? Many people don’t realize that they do until it’s late into the night and they’re craving a milkshake.

Blenders can do more than whip up a delicious icy treat. They’re one of the most essential kitchen appliances for making your life easier. Check out this guide for an entire list of gadgets that you need in your brand-new kitchen!

1. Slow Cooker 

If you have a busy life, a slow cooker isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. They can cook pretty much anything you want to make from BBQ chicken to mac and cheese. 

All you have to do is toss your ingredients into the cooker and press a button. You can head off to work and the food will cook while you’re gone. 

If you’re worried about a fire starting while you’re away, there are a few things you can do to ease your racing thoughts. First off, check the cord. Make sure that it’s not frayed anywhere and if it is, replace it ASAP. 

Be sure that the cooker is on a stable surface and don’t park it near anything flammable, like curtains or towels. If you receive a hand me down slow cooker, inspect it before you use it. 

2. Toaster 

If you’re like most working adults, it’s hard to make time in the morning for breakfast. That’s where toasters come in. In only a few seconds, you can have a warm bagel or fresh piece of buttered toast. 

If you enjoy making bagels, you’ll want to pick up a wide slot toaster. Otherwise, you’ll end up fighting with your appliance, which is never fun. 

3. Microwave 

Microwaves are a godsend if you come home for lunch and only have 30 minutes to make your food and eat. You can heat things up and go. 

Some apartments do come with a microwave when you move in. If yours is one of the rare ones that do, it’s still a good idea to upgrade to a better one. 

4. Immersion Blender 

So, you’ve got a food processor, blender, and a stand mixer. Pretty much every tool that you need for cooking and baking. The problem is that the kitchen in your new apartment is small. You don’t have enough counter space to hold all of these fancy appliances. 

An immersion blender can suit your purposes until you upgrade to a larger kitchen. It has attachments that will allow it to stand in for any of the appliances listed above. 

5. Refrigerator 

If you move into a new house, you’re going to need a fridge for the kitchen. There are tons of fridges on the market so we’re just going to go over what you should be looking for. 

The first thing is the configuration. There are some refrigerators that have a pull-out freezer on the bottom. Others have the freezer at the top or have double doors.

It needs to be small enough to fit in your kitchen so you should measure the room before you head to the store. Lastly, it needs to have enough shelving to suit your lifestyle. 

The only problem with buying a new fridge is that it can be expensive. You may have to look into Appliances for leasing. 

6. Dutch Oven 

Like slow cookers, Dutch ovens can be used to prepare pretty much anything you want. They’re perfect for making soups on a cold winter’s night or whipping up a batch of bread. 

They can be a huge investment depending on which model you get. They’re more than worth it and can fit in even the smallest kitchens. 

7. Air Fryer

Want to make a quick side for burger night? Air fryers have you covered. They can make a healthier version of your favorite sides like fries and onion rings. 

All you have to do is pop them in the basket, turn the fryer on to the right settings, and wait for it to cook. It takes about 10-20 minutes at most.  

We’ll say that air fryers do take up a lot of counter space. You may not end up using it enough to justify making it a permanent part of your kitchen. Still, they’re handy to have. 

Make sure that whatever model you get is easy to clean. That way, you can wipe it up and store it in a cabinet until you’re ready to make fries again. 

8. Food Processor 

If you have a blender, do you need a food processor too? The answer is yes. They can chop up many things that a blender would struggle with. 

Need finely chopped onions for a dish? Instead of slaving away at a cutting board, chop the onions into large chunks and throw them into the processor. It speeds up the process. 

9. Blender 

You don’t think you need a blender until you start craving milkshakes. You can head to your nearest burger place, or you can make delicious frozen treats in the comfort of your kitchen. 

Blenders do more than make milkshakes. They can also tackle morning smoothies, blend sauces, and create killer salsas. 

10. Stand Mixer 

If you’re a baker, your life isn’t complete without a stand mixer. They can make huge batches of cookies and cakes. Most of them come with attachments that increase the range of what they can do even further. 

They take up a lot of counter space, but it’s worth it when you can literally roll out your own pasta. 

Essential Kitchen Appliances That Everyone Needs 

There are many essential kitchen appliances that you don’t think you need until you have them. Picking up a stand mixer, food processor, blender, or air fryer can be a real game-changer come mealtime. Stock up your Kitchen Counter and set yourself up for cooking success. 

Without recipes to prepare, these appliances may as well be bricks. Check out the lifestyle section of our blog to get a few great meal ideas. 

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