8 Important Tools To Use While In College

Student Tools
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Education and technology are extremely important. Given the global trends in education, we see the active influence of digital solutions and tech advancements on this sphere. Today, learning applications provide the basis for accelerating and disseminating new knowledge. So, which applications are the best and which ones you should choose for yourself, especially as a college student? Find out right now from our article!

College students have to work on many tasks. We have compiled a list of tools for college students that can be successfully used in teaching. As students are constantly using smartphones and tablets, some of these applications will definitely come in handy.

Best Educational Tools – Take Your Pick!

There are lots of virtual instruments to increase your efficiency by numbers. Yet, with so many of them available, it may sometimes be hard to pick the right one. Moreover, it’s no secret that using one tool will never be enough. So, here’s a little compilation of the best student tools that can increase your productivity, regardless of their combination.

  1. Trello. An application for planning and organizing work. In Trello, you can plan group projects, create a space with common tasks, as well as discuss details, set deadlines, and track progress. You can also sync the app with other apps like Google Calendar.
  2. iStudiez lite student planner. To keep everything under control, you can keep your schedule, tasks, and grades organized with iStudiez. Not sure in which audience the next lecture is, or what task needs to be done for tomorrow’s seminar? Check out IStudiez! You can synchronize the application with other calendars on your phone, such as Google Calendar.
  3. Documents To Go is an application that allows you to create, edit and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations anywhere. It is very convenient when planning and doing homework.
  4. Grammarly. This is an application that can correct your grammatical errors and check the spelling of your entries. Writing incorrect grammar or spelling mistakes will definitely interfere with grades, so such an app will be handy for any student. Grammarly is the perfect application to correct spelling. It not only corrects grammar and spelling but also gives hints on how a sentence can be better. You can also find the best synonym for a specific word in the application.
  5. Adobe Scan: document scanner. A scanner program is a must for anyone. If you are a student, it is essential because you will need to scan handouts and other learning materials. If you have a scanned copy of the handout, you can save it in PDF format, export it to the program, and make notes.
  6. Google Keep is a simple tool for daily to-do lists. This great app for students is best for quick notes and reminders. Students will also find it useful to track project assignments and store notes. With the dedicated Chrome extension, you can also create, view, and edit Google Docs content offline.

With this app, you can remind yourself to “do my homework online” as a part of your plan for today, or note that you need to communicate with your essay writer and specify some details. 

  1. Quizlet Plus. This program allows you to create training cards and study your courses. You can also download and select cards that have already been made by other students. Share cards with friends to remember them better. The broadcast option can correctly pronounce words in up to 18 languages, so you can listen to your cards on the go.
  2. SelfControl. If you are very easily distracted by social networks, and you find it difficult to focus – this application is for you. SelfControl blocks websites on your device for a certain amount of time. It keeps the “noise” out but lets you use educational resources. For example, you can find a help me do my essay site and order a paper online. Likewise, you can easily write an essay or listen to a lecture without being distracted by social media. It really helps in learning and helps to do all the tasks on time.

Study Helpers in Your Pocket

Study Helpers in Your Pocket
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Digitization has strongly influenced all aspects of human life. Online learning, which covers the use of digital/electronic technologies, will facilitate learning, but require you to do most of the work on your own without a teacher who can give you a hand. Today, distance is not important for world-class education, because there are special educational tools that make learning easy. The symbiosis of a student’s own efforts and technology can help produce a truly outstanding result, so definitely give these tools a try soon!


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