7 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Insta Stories

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram is a massive visual platform with over 1.3 billion worldwide people directly participating each month. Instagram accounts can be made public or private. While Instagram has many fantastic features such as Reels and Stories, there is one item you cannot do. You cannot view private profiles anonymously.

If they are hidden and you need to view their Stories and other stuff, you should be aware of the top anonymous Instagram story viewer around. In this article we will be discussing about some of the best third party website that provide this service for free.


For good reason, Glassagram ✔️ is almost usually at the top of every listing of private Instagram story viewer services. This service may not be around for a lot longer, but it has proven to be high-quality and reliable. When you use this service, you are using one of the top viewer services available on the market.


Because this is an app, you will receive notifications anytime the selected private profile receives an upload from the user. As a result, there is no need for you to closely check your or that profile. It is simple to set up and use. You can start using it right away.


XMobi ✔️ has always been one of market’s top services for a post viewer. The advertises itself as an unique new Instagram spy tool that allows you to gain access to and see personal and public Insta Stories anonymously. 


Our service, like a few others on this list, is useful not only for Instagram but also for general smartphone tracking, making it a great tool for families who need to track and monitor their children in order to keep them safe. 

Other functions include monitoring social media platforms and tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls. As a result, you can stay current with their general social media, and phone calls. You also get real-time updates.


We can now discuss ✔️ eyeZy, a superb solution for an incognito story watcher that also provides one of the more powerful mobile device tracking applications on the market. As you might expect, this service is ideal for parents that need to monitor their children’s actions, particularly offline, and live.

This site’s capabilities include the ability to not only watch chats, photographs, and review info and times, but it also provides parental controls as a full mobile phone tracking and monitoring software.

Because this is an all-in-one monitoring app, you won’t need to hunt for additional tracking or monitoring services to suit your requirements. Because everything is done, your children will have no idea you’ve been spying on them.

This service is reasonably priced, especially considering features such as notifications if something dangerous is happening on the users’ phone or Instagram app. You can have a sense of calm without always being distracted by your phone.


The story watcher ✔️ UMobix does not often come in second place on these rankings, but it does on ours. We appreciate that you don’t even need a profile to use this feature. It’s also usable with iOS and Android devices, so no matter what you require this type of service for, you’ll be able to use it. 


For very good reasons, many people use this tool to follow and watch their kids on the network. There are predators, and then there are cyber bullies among their peers. It is not only wise, but also important, as a parent, to stay current with your children.

Because this service is completely hidden, you can utilise it without your children or the user knowing. As a result, you can examine the stuff they upload, share, and watch in order to safeguard them from both themselves.

If you wish to feel comfortable using a program like this before purchasing a membership, you can view the sample on their website. Aside from the demo, the site is jam-packed with information about the firm. How it operates, and how it may provide comfort when you need it.


Inflact is the solution to use when you have to focus on a story viewer that really is safe, private, and effective. This one has existed for a while and includes many of features that will allow you to remain hidden while seeing the selected user’s Stories. With this service, you can also access other Instagram features.


It also helps with hashtag branding, content planning, and expanding your Instagram presence. So, even if you want to raise your profile, it’s a good all-around service. The company’s management team has extensive experience and knowledge in this field. The service has been there for a while. This speaks volumes about its responsibility and reputation.

Qoob Stories

If you’re seeking for a powerful yet practical Instagram story viewer, Qoob might be just what you’re looking for. Not only can you see Stories and anything on private profiles privately. But you can also save videos, images, Stories, and other media. Even public profiles do not always allow you to save anything. However Qoob works both with public and private profiles.

Qoob Stories

To use the services of this service, simply provide them with the required username. You can save high-resolution videos and photos from profiles. You can even automatically saving Stories. So you don’t have to waste time wait for them to download.


SmiHub, a story viewer and this is perfect if you want to analyse IG profiles privately. One of our favourite aspects of this product is its simple, clean interface. This allows you to do your business freely. To begin, simply enter the Instagram account you wish to investigate. 


You will shortly have entry to the IG account of your choice if you do this. With a few mouse clicks, you may view Stories, download the content. And look for whatever you want. Simply explore IG profiles discreetly at your time. If you wish to study a certain IG profile based on likes, follows, and comments. By the way, this service is free.


For some reasons you may want to use such a site include keeping an eye on your kids, checking on your relationship, looking at competitors’ profiles, or learning more about an influencer. As a result, an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer is an excellent tool. 

Each service, tool, or software discussed in this post ensures total privacy. It has well, and allows you to view, and some even allow you to download certain content without losing video quality. Read this article to learn more about them in detail.

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