Earn With Your Ability To Write

Earn With Your Ability To Write

The gig economy is where you can conveniently Do Six Figures without leaving the four corners of your comfort zone. The gig economy is where you can sell your skills such as writing, data analytics, copywriting and etcetera to clients who you have never seen.

The advent of the internet has made it so easy for anyone to earn without stress from the gig economy as there are many regulated platforms where people can now sell and buy skills. One of the profitable skills you can sell is writing.

Almost everyone has contracted the new flu—writing. The reason behind this isn’t far fetched as writing is one of the most lucrative professions that can earn you thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat.

(Open this page if you are interested in how to from writing.)

Nonetheless, don’t get carried away by the prospect of writing, the pareto principle is applicable to this sector too.

Wondering what the pareto principle is all about? It simply states 80% of the benefits in an industry is enjoyed by 20% of the participants.

This means 20% of creative writers will earn 80% of the money in this industry not because they are the best writers but because these 20% understand that becoming a successful creative writer in Nigeria goes beyond your ability to write alone.

I’ll be sharing these unwritten rules with you in this article so you never have to fear missing out.

Have the right mindset: the first mistake most creative writers in Nigeria make is that they assume writing is a god given talent so they shy away from charging the right price for their works.

You must understand that your ability to write is a skill that took you a lot of practise to perfect. You’re also rendering a service so you must not be scared to ask for a fair price for what you offer.

Be on the right platforms: Position yourself at the right places so you can meet quality clients. Making thousands of dollars from writing goes beyond posting on your WhatsApp status. You need to join platforms such as fiverr, wework and etcetera.

Join creative writing communities: how you are better able to leverage your skill as a creative writer is to join communities where fellow writers discuss their work. 

Don’t just join any community, join the communities that resonate with your genre of writing. This affords you the opportunity to gain access to information that ordinarily may not be found in public.

Create an online presence: by creating an online resume with website applications like muckrack, journoportfolio or substack clients from all over the world can easily review your previous works and other basis contact you for writing gigs.

Using google doc, you can easily share the link of your best works on your profile for people to see.

Proofread your work before publishing: Whether you are writing a blog, business proposal or just for fun avoid falling in love with your first draft as a writer, it usually is full of mistakes and oftentimes it’s a mambo jumbo. If you can’t find the right person to proofread your works, check out proofreading websites; some are free while some are premium. 

Lastly, never stop learning. To ensure you remain relevant in your chosen field, you must continually update yourself as a writer. There’s no such thing as I know it all in writing, you either learn or go home.

While these may sound unrelated to the usual articles you see about writing, they are deal breakers that will determine how much you earn from your high income skill—writing.