What You Need To Know When Designing A Banner

designing a banner

More and more people are using banners as a form of an advertisement on your website. Their primary purpose is to draw the attention of potential customers. Having that in mind, we asked web design agency Chicago about some of the essential things you need to know when creating a banner, and they said that you need to:

The color’s primary purpose is to make your banner more attractive and help you send any message to your potential buyers. Using your knowledge about color psychology can be very helpful. Some of the appropriate colors are: 

  • Red – Danger, love, or fire
  • Orange – Happiness, friendship
  • Yellow – Energy, sun, or humor
  • Green – Health, nature
  • Purple – Royalty
  • Pink – Femininity, love
  • Black – Mystery, power, evil
  • White – Purity, goodness

Consider which type of emotions you want to evoke in your viewers. The interpretation of colors is different for people and is based on their religion and culture. Don’t overdo the colors and bury the banner. It would not be understandable enough for people.

  •  Use Quality Images  

A picture says a thousand words, and as you may already know, they are the central part of your banner. Keep in mind that these pictures should be of high quality and resolution. If you try to put on your banner low-resolution image, they will be blurry and useless. The fact is if you have the right idea, you can communicate with the audience without any words needed. 

  • Pay Attention To The Text

Your banner should contain marketing information, and obviously, you need to use a large text. It’s not all about the text’s size, you know, because it should convey a message. Text on your banner needs to contain all vital information. Try to remove all unnecessary information and use some questions to help yourself when writing. Let’s focus on readability. The bold sans-serif font is going to be more readable than serif fonts. 

  • Keep It Simple

Mostly, people don’t have time to watch your banner ads over and over- that’s a reality. Be aware of that, and use simple explanations, and try not to complicate its design. 

It will be best if your logo is placed in the center. That way, your potential users will see it easier.

  • Use Different Banner Sizes

You may already know that Google ads come in different sizes than other banners. It’s not good to be too big or too small with a banner. You need to find a measure in everything. These are some of the sizes:

  • Medium rectangle – 300 x 250 

This is maybe the most compact, and it doesn’t take too much space on your web page, and it’s good for you as a beginner with display ads.

  • Large rectangle- 336 x 280 

This type of banner ad is the most effective when it’s placed at the end of a post.

  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90 

If you want to get your ad at the top, this is the right choice for you.

  • Half Page Or Large Skyscraper 300 x 600

This represents a tall, vertical banner ad. It takes the most amount of space.

  • Mobile Leaderboard 320 x 50 

This format is specially optimized for mobile devices.

When you’re designing a banner, go step by step, and try to follow these simple rules. Have in mind that your goal is to present your product, company, or anything else to the people. Try to push it in several places to gain publicity. Also, use imagination to combine your own elements, and good luck with that!