Instacruze: 8 Smart Strategies to Make Instagram Stories Stand Out

Instagram Stories

In recent decades, several social media platforms have come and gone. But the versatile application ‘Instagram’ is beating the competition with its engaging audiences, interactive in-app features, and user-friendly interface. Of all other features, ‘Stories’ has huge importance in Instagram’s success. You may wonder why? According to Instagram statistics, over 500 million users watch Stories every day. This unique feature lets users share ephemeral visual content and reach a wider audience on the go. 

From aspiring creators to top-notch brands, make use of the ‘Stories’ feature to engage with their target audiences. Especially they buy automatic instagram story views to boost visibility and take content in front of more users than before. Likewise, there are several strategies to increase the success rate. Are you curious to make the most out of Instagram Stories? That’s great! Continue reading this article to learn more. 

#1 Prefer Only High-Quality Visuals 

The Story is one of the most happening sections of the Instagram application. Remember that images, videos, GIFs, or anything that you add to Story will appear vertically. Sharing low-quality images or less resolution videos might make your audience lose interest in your content and let them jump to the next. 

So, ensure that the image or video that you are about to share is of high quality. Check the quality before and after editing, as pixels or resolution may get affected. Preview the content before sending it to your Story.

#2 Combine Visuals With Context 

The common mistake that every user makes is posting plain images or videos on Stories. It doesn’t make sense most of the time. Even if your followers understand what it is, your new visitors will wonder what you are conveying through it. 

When you add text to your visual, it will enrich the value of your content, especially for videos. It will be helpful for the audiences who watch videos without sound and hearing-impaired people to grasp the information you convey. Following this strategy will benefit your profile in a better way. Further, you shall reach out to Instacruze to boost story views and gain better engagement effortlessly. 

#3 Enhance Your Content With In-App Elements

In fact, the Instagram algorithm mostly gives preference to native content. It is nothing but the content created by including the in-app options. There are plenty of visual elements available within the application from which you can choose the ones that suit your content.

For example, make your content more interactive with stickers, emojis, filters, effects, and so on. On the flip side, you can try different Story formats like creating Boomerang, Stop Motion, Hands-free videos, etc. This kind of Story makes your content more interesting unlike the regular ones. 

#4 Make Stories More Interactive 

The specialty of Instagram Stories is that it allows you to create interactive content and keep audiences engaged. So it is really a fruitful feature for the creators who aim to garner more engagement. 

It is not just the right spot for sharing your live moments via visuals. But also for conducting surveys, gathering customer feedback, discussing a topic, asking for audience opinions, and more. All you have to do is search for the appropriate stickers in the Stories section and add them as per your requirement. As a result, you can interact with your audience and receive responses accordingly.

#5 Embed Hashtags into Stories 

The main purpose of hashtags is to enhance the exposure of content. Similar to all other Instagram posts, embedding hashtags into Story will make it appear in front of audiences who search for related content by using hashtags. 

It is a smart strategy to increase the visibility of your post and bring in new visitors to your profile. Simply look out for relevant hashtags or create a dedicated hashtag to represent your presence. Finally, add the chosen hashtags through the #Hashtag sticker while uploading your Story. 

#6 Keep Up the Sharing Limit 

As there are no content limitations, it doesn’t mean that you can share any number of stories in your profile. Adding several number of Stories in a single day lets your audience skip all the content. Your entire Story content shouldn’t exceed more than minutes. Avoid sharing all the images or videos that you capture. Pick out only the best and publish only what your audiences need to know. 

#7 Schedule Instagram Stories 

A smart way to share Instagram Stories is to schedule the posts beforehand. There is no assurance that you will be able to share story posts on time in all situations. In order to maintain the consistency of sharing content, consider the scheduling feature provided by the application. 

So you can reach the specific target audiences when they are active and display your content among them. In addition to this, take advantage of Instacruze to maximize content reach and get more views for your Story in a short while. 

#8 Add Stories to Highlights

The best part of the Instagram Story feature is that you can add crucial posts in the Highlights area. Since Story content will get disappeared after 24 hours, the application has come up with this idea. So, if you want any of your Story content to be shown in your profile for a longer time, add them to Highlights. This greatly helps the new profile visitors and followers who want to know more about you or your profile. 

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a competitive landscape where tons of users show off their uniqueness to shine out. Keep this in mind and let your creative juices flow to grab the audience’s attention through your interesting and interactive content. Whatever you do, make your content in such a way that it interests your followers and potential audiences. 

Of all the given strategies, consider the ones you have missed out on in your plan. And await to see the big difference in your Instagram profile growth. Cheers to creating captivating Stories that stand out from the competition! 

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