10 Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2020

10 Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2019

Reaching # 1 on Google is no longer so easy now, following the traditional back link strategy. But it is not impossible. That’s why you need to use the right techniques to get the best ranking on Google.  With that in mind, I’ve discussed all the essential and white hat tactics to keep your page on top in the search engine. Let’s talk about details.

1. Create a list of targeted keywords

It is not the year of writing all the things that come to your mind. This means that you have to rely on metrics to achieve success and listing on Google and other search engines. With that in mind, you’ll first need to create a list of targeted keywords to get the best results. That’s why you need to do keyword research and take care of your niche. If you start blogging without a plan or keyword, the profitable keyword will not put you in the top Google position. In that sense, the very first task of you is to create a list of targeted keywords.

2. Determine the cost of the SEO campaign and key keywords

If you want to get the rank with your desired thinking, you need to examine the competitors. You need to understand the tactics of your competitors and the number of links you need to excel them. You’ll understand the cost of your SEO campaign as you explore your competitors. Google Analytics or Link Analyzers software helps you achieve the right results. If you can find out which keywords are relevant to your potential and what you can do and how you can come first, your research will be successful.

If you find the right keywords, you can cut costs and easily rank keywords. In this sense, the main tasks of your search for the best keywords that are profitable and have low competition. Research shows that long-tail keywords are always competitive. For example, if you target the keywords “Link Building Service,” compatibility is high. On the other hand, the link building service in the US may be more targeted and less competitive. So you can easily achieve the best results and thus achieve targeted access.

3. Prepare a detailed link building plan

Back-links are the most effective things that affect the ranking of your website. That’s why you have to be very careful here. Basically, successful planning is half the battle. On the contrary, you must create a detailed link building plan to achieve the desired success. Since the number and quality of the link determine where your page stays, you need to be extra careful here.

4. Do on-page SEO right:

On-page SEO is the life of the content. Without them you can’t do anything for the ranking of the page. Google will treat it as spam material. Back-links help rank the page, but without proper SEO or formatting on pages, Google will not consider them as natural or helpful. So you will not get the rank. On the other hand, you can get the penalty for off-page SEO on a zeroed or non-optimized page. To simplify the process, I would like to point out that some SEO steps are required on the site.

5. Get back-links from different sources:

I have already told you how important it is to get the back-links with different anchor text. At the same time, it is also most valuable to bring the back-links from the various sources. Getting one or two back-links from the various websites is good, instead of getting many links from one or two websites. It adds more value. On the other hand, it reacts as juice and maintains the high authority of your website. Therefore, try to get back-links from various sources, including directories, forums, or web pages.

6. Budget planning:

Is it possible to get the results without proper budget planning? While you are in the digital business, you need to set a clear budget in order to maintain the actual rank.

7. Good UI / UX for better SEO:

Both UI and UX are necessary to gain trust and reliable visitors in your business. At the same time Google loves it too. Google says in the policy that the site is crawl able and easy to understand. Creating a website considering this is essential to achieve the best placement.

On the other hand, you must enrich the visual content of the page to attract visitors and preserve the natural back-links. When you present yourself as a brand, you need to create a great website with Good UI and UX. It is important to know that the website is SEO friendly.

8. Follow the results / positions:

If you operate SEO and regularly generate high quality content, you will also receive the traffic. Is it enough if you always want to rank on Google on the first page? I say no. If you want to rank most of the content on Google’s first page, you’ll need to track the results or position of the data and analytics. This means that you need to know why your content has a ranking.

If you can explain it yourself, you can stay in this place for a long time. If you do not stay at the top of the first page, why not stay here? Your competitors can easily outrank you. That’s why it’s your duty to analyze the data and talk about it or think about it.

9. Take help from an SEO expert or a company:

In most cases, you will not be able to meet all of the above criteria, or you may make a mistake while creating your site. That’s why, if you get the top ranking on Google. At the same time you get massive traffic. From now on, you should seek the help of SEO experts or companies to check the health of your websites.

On the other hand, if you do not get the results you want and try a lot, you need the advice of experts or companies. They can assist you in displaying the error in your work or on your website. Then you can easily reach the ranking on Google.

10. Think of these 5 things for the top ranking:

I have discussed all the important factors at this point. At the same time, you should keep a few things in mind to get the best ranking on Google.