The Short Story Of One Night Stand

Story Of One Night Stand
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The short Story Of One Night Stand is all about the conversations between Varun and Ritu. Let us discuss them all in direct speech.

Hi Varun, “You reached home too early to home.” I asked soon after opening the door. 

Yes, Ritu sweetheart. I’m going out with my friends. And you also reached it today. How was today’s work? Varun asked her and then switched on the Television.

“It is boring as usual and nothing special. That is fine, where do you and your friends plan to go? I asked him.

“Decision is still pending, as Ashish is going to decide it.” On seeing the football match, he gives his reply.

“That is Ok, I am also having some plans, so I’m too going out with my college friends in Pubzee and I will get late too.” After informing him, I sat with him slowly.

He says “Ok”, but has not even seen my face. I tried to talk to him, but couldn’t. So, I went to my room to get ready. I was checking for the dress to wear for the party and I found an old red dress which I wore once for a dinner with Varun. It seems to be perfect for a night out with girls.

But I’m not sure whether it will fit me perfectly. So, I kept the dress on the bed and went to take a bath in the shower. I got late in the shower and then came out wrapping myself in a towel. Then, I dried my hair using a dryer. At the same time, I heard the noises of a football match. So, Varun is still watching a football match and he is mad about a football match. He even matches the old matches again and again. I feel irritated watching them. 

So, I just ignored the noises and looked for a strapless bra in my wardrobe. I found it after searching for some time in my wardrobe. I wore that red dress and it was just a perfect fit for my body. Then, I wear the earrings and necklace matching my dress.

Then, I started applying my eyeliner and at that time Varun entered the room.

“Wow! You look so beautiful darling, something special today”, he asked me after seeing my look.

“Nothing special, I’m just meeting my college friends after a long time”. By telling this, I finished applying the lipstick and eyeliner.

“You look so impressive”. Saying this, he came nearby and kissed me on my neck. But he just went when his phone started ringing without thinking about my feelings. I got disappointed at the same time. I just left his action and went to comb my hair and then applied the perfume. 

“Wow! Looking gorgeous”, I just say on seeing the mirror. My friends were waiting for me and I just went saying goodbye to Varun. He is still speaking on the phone while I’m leaving the house.

In recent days, mobile phones and other gadgets are just living our life. It is just one year after our marriage and we feel bored of enjoying things. We both love a lot and I just want my old, cute, and naughty Varun back. Thinking all this stuff in my mind, I reached the pub.

I’m searching for my friends and finally got them sitting at a particular table. They all look beautiful. My friend, Malini, just ran at me and then hugged me tightly. We are all happy as we met after a long time. We all started to make fun of our old matters while standing in the queue to get inside the pub. When we were about to enter, we got the security check for ID and the list. Then, the security gave us a mask to wear.

We all wear our masks that are in gold and silver designs. It seems that the club is going to provide us with various surprises. It was Friday night and we somehow managed to get some places for the five of us in the corner. With the music in the background, we started to enjoy the night party with a mocktail sip.

While chatting, Riya says “You know one thing, a guy standing near us is watching you for so long.” Here the actual party starts now for me. My friends started to make fun of me with that unknown guy.

After some time, we started to have starters and drinks. At that time, the guy came near our table. I just saw him at that time. He is a well-chiseled man with the right height and weight. He wore a simple shirt with jeans at the bottom. I even saw a group of girls watching him.

But surprisingly, he came near to me and asked politely for a dance. That’s it, my friends started to make fun of me. They even pushed me to go with him for a dance. I don’t know how I agreed to dance with him.

He took me to dance on the floor and I saw many people dancing on the floor. So, I thought dancing will not cause any harm. 

He asked me whether he could place his hands on my waist. I said yes and then, the real romance started. 

The man said, “You look pretty and beautiful and I’ve been watching you from the time you entered the club.” Then, he took me much closer and I felt his breath too. He smelled my perfume and then kept his thumb on my lips.

Then, I felt something and I just kissed his lips which became a loveable smooch. Suddenly, my friend Riya called me and I just came out of the romance and moved in with my friends.

After cracking jokes with my friends, I finished dinner with them. But my mind is thinking about the man only. Then, we were ready to move back home and thus, we hugged each other and finally got to my car.

But I felt someone standing behind me and I got scared literally. Then, I saw who it was. It was the same man but now without a mask and I could see his handsome look. He came close to me and he said that he is going mad at me.

Then, he took him to the hotel owned by the same club. The wonderful thing is that I was following him without any hesitation. Then, we were in the room and I was nervous when he was doing some magic in my life.

I stood in front of him and again the actual romance started. He started kissing on my neck and he slowly moved to my chest. He then unzipped my dress and kissed my nape. And now, he removed my bra and towards him. Then, I passed a soft kiss on his lips and I removed his shirt too. 

He lifted me onto the bed and finally, removed my panty. Now, I am naked and feeling shy in front of him. With love and intimacy, more romantic things started there. Then, we both enjoyed the wonderful romantic moments till reaching the climax.

Suddenly, I hear some slow and faint voices like Wake up. Then, I was trying to open my eyes and I saw a smiling face, which is Varun, my sweetheart. He was waking me up and asking, “Someone was wonderful and naughty yesterday night.”

I asked him “Yes, you may enjoy it a lot”. Then I kissed him and said, “I hate you for making me love you a lot.”

He smiled and said, “I too love you my dear wife and I will never allow you to go out of my life .” Then I was laughing at him and said, “Last night was different my dear, and I’m looking forward to similar one-night stands.” I was laughing at him and kissing him again.


The above article depicts a romantic one-night stand, new for readers. I hope you all enjoyed reading the article.

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