The Untold Truth About Vin Diesel’s Partner Paloma Jimenez

Partner Paloma Jimenez

Paloma Jimenez: Wife of Vin Diesel, Net worth, Kids, Wiki, Bio, Body measurement and has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Mark Sinclair, well known as paloma jiménez, &  Vin Diesel, played the famous character Dominic Toretto on the Fast and the Furious franchise. This movie brought the actor into the centre stage. Many of the fans were fascinated by the ease with which he drove fabulous cars in the movie. Other than Fast and the Furious, other movies are incredible for his action. The movies like Riddick, Pacifier, and XXX Xander cage are some of the exciting movies that made him into the actor he is. His captivating voice was also used in the popular Marvel movie, where he voiced the character, Groot.

According to ApzoMedia Celebrity Paloma Jimenez Net Worth 2020: Paloma Jimenez is a Mexican model who has a Net Worth of $5 million dollars. Paloma Jimenez was conceived in Acapulco, Mexico in August 1983. Her original name is Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin. She is presumably most popular for being the long-lasting sweetheart of entertainer Vin Diesel. Jimenez and Diesel have been as one since 2007. He was conceived in 1967 and she was conceived in 1983.

As it were, he is 16 years her senior. Their first girl Hania Riley was conceived in 2008, their first child Vincent Sinclair was conceived in 2010, and their little girl Pauline was conceived in 2015. Pauline was named after Vin’s late co-star Paul Walker. In 2004 Jimenez showed up in the TV arrangement Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones. She has displayed for Pantene, Coca Cola, and Honda and was on the front of the Mexican Maxim magazine. Jimenez has been marked with Looks Models and ID Model Management in Mexico.

About Paloma Jiménez
Known As Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin
Age 36 Years
Birth August 22, 1983
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Children Pauline Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, Hania Riley Sinclair
Job Model
Hometown Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Eye Colour Brown
Model Agency ID Model Management, Look Models
Ethnicity Mexican
Partner Vin Diesel


Paloma Jiménez was born on August 22, 1983. Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiminez are together in the relationship since 2007 and has three children.

Diesel started his career in 1990, but he at first struggled to gain good roles. After many good films, he became famous. His antihero roles in the film Riddick gained him many other extraordinary roles. He is well known for his deep voice; that is why he has lent his voice for many famous characters in animated films.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has always stolen the limelight’s wherever he goes. His wife, Paloma Jimenez, is a beautiful woman. She is a gorgeous model known for her several promotions for famous companies.

Paloma Jimenez and Vin Diesel are together since the year 2007. Here are some of the untold stories about the hot and pretty Paloma Jimenez. There are so many amazing things to talk about Diesel, and his fans are aware of it, so now let us talk about his partner Paloma Jimenez. She is the woman standing along with Vin Diesel, who is supportive of his career and also with his looks after their kids.

Vin Diesel’s Partner Paloma Jimenez

She is from Guerrero, Mexico, and named as Karla Paloma Jimenez Denagustin. She is born on 22nd August 1983, and she can speak Spanish and English well. She grew up at her home in Mexico and was called Paloma Jimenez by her family and friends. 

  • Paloma Jimenez, a successful model

She is well known for a stylish walk on the ramp. She is a model who acts for both of the countries that are the United States and Mexico. She wanted to be a model from a young age, which is a piece of news she shared in the interviews. She has managed to make a name in the entertainment industry. Her modeling career both in Mexico and the US has gained her a huge fan base. People love her natural looks and fit body. After the birth of three kids, she can maintain her physique. Along with her husband, she also boosts a successful career. But the important part of their lives is their two beautiful children who have strengthened the bonds.

  • The affluence of $5 million

Paloma Jimenez is an accomplished and popular model that is worth $5 million. Coca-Cola lovers will certainly know about her because she has been in the print advertisements. Other famous companies she has promoted are Pantene, Honda, and many more. She has also featured in famous Mexican shows such as Mexican comedy and Variety show. The ID model management represents her in the US. In Mexico, she is represented by the Look Models. Her modeling resume contains many wonderful accomplishments.

Along with her modeling career, she has also attempted her part in the entertainment industry. There was a popular Mexican comedy show called as the Otra Rollo: ADALRAMONES that aired live in the Televisa and Unison. The show ran from 1995 to 5th May 2007. These are some of the important shows that she took part in.

  • Her family

How she and Diesel met is not clear. At the same time, the information about the parents or siblings is not well known. Both Diesel and Jimenez are together since 2017 but not yet married. They both are focused on their careers. She is sixteen years older than he is, and they both are considered as the power couple. She is known to be right beside Diesel in many of his accomplishments over the years. She gave birth to her daughter at the age of twenty-four. The daughter’s name is Hania Riley Diesel. She gave birth to the second daughter Vincent Sinclair Diesel at the age of twenty-six in 2010. Then after that, she gave birth to the third daughter in 2015 at the age of thirty-one. The child’s name is Pauline Diesel.

Vin Diesel’s Partner Paloma Jimenez

When Vin Diesel accepted the star in Hollywood walk of fame, Jimenez was right near him to congratulate him on his success. She also had their two kinds Hania and Vincent. Their social media accounts are filled with user comments admiring their beloved relationships. It is flooded with likes.

Her husband, Diesel, is the godfather of Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Rain Walker. He and Jimenez state that they want to keep their personal life secret, so not many details are known about their personal life.

Paloma Jimenez is a good partner for Vin Diesel, and they have been in a stable relationship all these years. Because of the rapport of their relationship, they are able to raise children amidst the show buzz.

Their last daughter named after a dear friend

Many people know about the close friendship between Diesel and Paul Walker. After the sudden demise of Paul Walker, many of the Fast and Furious fans became miserable. Diesel and his co-stars lost a great friend and wonderful actor. Diesel, in honor of his friend, named his third daughter after Dear friend Paul Walker. The baby girl was named Pauline.

They have three kids.

Both Paloma and Vin have shown to the world that they love children. They have welcomed three children into this world. They have got two daughters and one son which they cherish.

I hope you have learned many untold truths about Paloma Jimenez and enjoyed reading it. She is a lovely wife and mother who can look after her career too. That much information about her life is not known, but many of her fans love her attitude and the way she carries herself.

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