6 Reasons to Consider PCR Packaging

PCR Packaging

If your product requires high-quality, modern packaging , post-consumer recycled, or PCR packaging is a fantastic choice. Because PCR plastics use materials that have already served a prior function, and because flexible pouches minimize the amount of plastic necessary to create an effective container, flexible PCR pouches are among the most responsible choices for companies interested in limiting the worldwide creation of plastic waste. PCR containers are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of products. Here are a few of the main benefits of using PCR packaging:

  1. Post-Consumer Materials Reduce Hazardous Plastic Pollution

While critics of environmental regulation sometimes like to point out that there is currently plenty of space for landfills on the planet, this argument misses two important points: landfills are not particularly healthy for the planet, even when out of sight; and only a portion of plastic waste actually becomes disposed properly. Plastic that isn’t thrown away can leech into water supplies or end up floating in the ocean. Perhaps the best way to ease the flow of plastic from production facilities to the environment is to reuse plastics that have already been created.

  1. Modern Customers Appreciate Green Packaging

Today, customers are more aware than ever before of the effects their purchasing decisions have on the environment. When you let your customers know that you use PCR materials in your packaging, they are likely to continue buying your products. In many cases, environmentally conscious customers may choose your brand over a competitor because of your minimal environmental footprint.

  1. PCR Films Are Safe and Versatile

Flexible films made from PCR materials can easily be childproofed, and can effectively seal to prevent spoilage. Flexible pouches can be customized for a variety of purposes. From beef jerky to coffee packaging printing, making professional-looking custom flexible pouches requires only a beginner’s understanding of graphic design.

  1. PCR Materials Are Affordable and Available

Plastic isn’t going anywhere. Because PCR materials are so available, they are virtually guaranteed to remain available and affordable in the future.

  1. Regulators Are Easy on PCR Materials

Compared with traditional packaging materials, PCR plastics tend to draw significantly less regulatory scrutiny. Complying with local regulations is especially easy when your company uses flexible PCR packages, since packages that are child-resistant, food-safe, and environmentally friendly are usually inherently compliant.

  1. Your Sustainability and Long-term Carbon Footprint Should Be Important to You

As a business owner, you should understand that your responsibility to your customers and to the planet goes beyond the responsibility of a private citizen. By maximizing your sales, you are also maximizing the amount of packaging necessary to contain your product. Minimizing your carbon footprint can have a dramatic effect on your community.

The world of packaging is changing rapidly. Where customers might previously have settled for bulky, wasteful materials, they now demand sustainability from their favorite companies. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice functionality. Flexible custom stand up pouches, or roll flat pouches are versatile and effective for a wide array of uses.