Emily Frlekin – J. D. Pardo’s Wife Bio, Family, Life Facts, Net Worth 2020

Emily Frlekin Biography

Do you want to know about a popular actors’ wife? Emily Frlekin is the wife of J. D. Pardo who is a well-known American actor. Many people want to know more about her however there is only less information we can gather. However, she became famous after marrying J. D. Pardo. She is a working woman so she is for most of the times busy. She supports her husband wholeheartedly in his acting career. Her husband became famous for his part in the series Mayans M.C. Know more about Emily Frlekin Biography along with her net worth and other important details of her life. 

Emily Frlekin ✅ Background information 

Frlekin’s birthplace is California, United States. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She belongs to American nationality. The celebrity wife finished her education from the University of California, Berkeley. She is very interested in writing and journalism. 

Emily Frlekin – J. D. Pardo’s Wife Bio, Family, Life Facts, Net Worth 2020

About her husband ✅ J. D. Pardo’s

The full name of her husband Pardo is Jorge Daniel Pardo. His birth date is September 7, 1980, and he is a Salvadoran-American. He grew up in a middle-class family in Panorama City, California. His father was Argentinian-American and his mother hailed from El Salvador. He is forty years old now and his wife is a few years younger than him. 

Pardo started his career by playing the role of “Nate”/Jason in Revolution which is an NBC science fiction series. He also acted in the film A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. In this film, he acted as a transgender woman for which many people thought he was gay. However, the rumours stopped when he married his wife. 

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Then he also had major roles in FOX’s Drive and the Hidden Palms. In 2008 he acted as Young Santiago in the movie The Burning Plain. He played as a half-vampire in Breaking Dawn and from 2014 to 2015 he acted in The Messengers. Now he is acting as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes in Mayans M.C. He is getting a lot of praise for his portrayal of the character from the fans and critics. He is also acting in the spin-off series called Sons of Anarchy. Moreover, he is a great fan of Kansas City Chiefs eventhough there is a Las Vegas Raiders team in California. The actor has won many awards for his acting talents. He will surely get more in the future because of his biker role in Mayans M.C. 

About Emily Frlekin ✅ Relationship 

Emily Frlekin and Pardo have kept their relationship private. So we do not know how they met. But we know that they are a loving couple. She is a beautiful and supportive wife. They are in the marital relationship since 2010 as their marriage is not like the brief celebrity marriages. It is one of trust and friendship. A few times they have made an appearance together and looked dashing. They do not have any kids as each of them is fully focused on their respective jobs. The husband and wife have never revealed a single detail of their life as they value their privacy. The only information we know is that they got married in 2010 and it came on the news. 

Emily Frlekin profession 

Frlekin is currently working as a Project Manager at the BCCF organisation. She is helping people to get awareness about the NGOs under 501(c) (3). The organization mainly focuses on the sectors like education, healthcare, Global development, poverty relief and environment. Moreover, she is also a philanthropist who is supporting many charities and NGOs. 

She is working in this organisation since 2011. This is a self0-volunteering organisation that strives to make a change in society. She is very serious about her job and is part of a community in LinkedIn. 

The Net Worth of Emily Frlekin 

Frlekin and her husband Pardo are leading comfortable lives because of their jobs. Her net worth is 4.5 million. We do not know what her salary is. Now she is living in San Francisco Bay with her hubby. The net worth of her husband is $2 million. The husband and wife are one of the new hottest couples in the Hollywood industry. 

Social media of Emily Frlekin

Emily Frlekin has accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Her account on Instagram is private so we cannot see her posts. The followers are also limited as she only follows the people she knows. This shows her desire to keep her life private. It is very hard for celebrity wives to keep their life free from people who want to know each and every detail of their life. However, Frlekin manages her life well. Nobody has an inkling of how she leads her life. Her account in Twitter also does not reveal all the details of her life however she has posted a few pics of herself and her friends. 


Emily Frlekin and her husband are close to each other. They are an example of how a married a couple should be. They are companions for life.

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