11 House Improvement Projects That Can Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

house improvement

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? Do you have a budget to increase its value, but are wondering what are the best steps to take? If you want to increase the value of your home, you need to know where and what to spend your cash on.

Below, we give our 11 best ideas to increase your home value on a budget. Read on for our essential guide to house improvement. 

1. New Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the home improvements that will drastically increase the curb appeal of your home. Not only will it make the property more valuable, but it will increase the look and sale potential of the house. 

The garage door does not have to be a utilitarian piece. It can actually be a statement, adding character and individuality to your home’s facade. 

Unfortunately, this is not an addition that can be done on your own. Installing a garage door can be very tricky, particularly if you choose to have motors and sensors installed with it. Contact a professional installation expert who can assist. 

A large garage door with installation can set you back around $3500 to $4000, depending on the fittings and quality. However, this will recoup around 94% of its overall cost. When added to the increase in curb appeal and the potential to attract more buyers, it becomes a sound investment. 

2. Finish the Basement

The basement is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated areas of a property. While many people use it for storing goods as well as washing machines and dryers, it can be so much more. By finishing your basement, you are adding a whole new layer of livable square footage. 

On average, a finished basement can add around $20,000 to the value of a house. If this is designed to be its own living or bedroom space, then you are also increasing the appeal to buyers. 

Finishing a basement can be a large job. It will require drywall installation along with any flooring. You may have to adjust heating, or air conditioning if you want it livable. Finally, you will need paint and furniture to be included in the finishing. 

3. Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows works on a number of levels. Firstly, it improves the look and curb appeal of your home, attracting more potential buyers. Secondly, modern windows increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing utility bills.

A cheap fix can be to simply replace any damaged or worn seals. However, for full energy efficiency, you should consider the installation of vinyl windows. Not only will they increase energy efficiency, but they will reduce noise from the outside, ideal if you live in a busy area or near a road. 

If you have an older, distinct-looking home, then do not be put off by vinyl windows. There are a number of styles and finishes available to fit in with even older, period properties. 

Replacement of all the windows in a home can be cheaper than you think, and you can expect around 70% on the home improvements ROI. Contact a professional company such as Mr. Rogers Windows to discuss your needs. 

4. Replacing Tiles

There are a number of areas in your home where tiles can be replaced, mainly, the kitchen and bathroom. Start with the bathroom itself. A whole new set of tiles can be just as refreshing as a total remodel, saving you some valuable capital. 

Tiles can be placed fully on all surfaces, or halfway up the wall. You may also choose to simply tile the shower area if you are really keen on keeping expenditure low. 

Not only do they protect the whole room from moisture, but they can make the place look fresh and clean. You can also get tiles at extremely reasonable prices, from as little as $5 per square foot. Once installed, they can last an extremely long time. 

Another area to consider is the backsplash in the kitchen. Just like the bathroom, new tiles here can add freshness to units that are just on the point of becoming dated. If you can replace handles and fix doors, you may have a kitchen that looks as good as new. 

5. Remodel the Kitchen

When doing a kitchen remodel, you have to be extremely careful with what you add and how you spend. Some home improvements here can cost a lot and add very little to the value, whereas others can have a minimal cost and will increase the value of your home a lot. 

Stick with smaller, more manageable kitchen projects. As previously mentioned, tiling the splash is one way to get a better look. Paint the walls and ceiling, and change any fittings that look damaged or tired. 

If the kitchen cabinets are worn, then opt for resurfacing instead of a total refit. Finally, change any old dated appliances for newer, more energy-efficient ones. 

Avoid any total overhauls of the kitchen. They will cost a lot of money. In addition, most buyers will have their own personal preference as to what a kitchen should look like and include, which may not be the same as yours anyway. 

6. Replace Siding

Damaged siding is an instant negative on your curb appeal. It is one of the few home improvements that has an instant impact on anyone visiting to do a viewing. Luckily, replacing it does not cost the earth.

Your choices come down to vinyl and fiber cement siding. Many people opt for the fiber cement option as it is thicker and more environmentally sustainable. Of course, this comes down to the price, as vinyl is the cheaper option. 

On average, both of them will bring around about a 75% return on investment. You also get to choose the texture and color, allowing you to theme your house with its neighborhood or surroundings. 

7. Painting

It is one of the most simple home improvement projects, but also one of the most effective. A fresh coat of paint can really lift the house, making it look new and attractive for a minimal cost. 

Paint your house in neutral colors, avoiding any grand statements or gestures. Combine it with a declutter and general spring clean, so that you open up the house and allow light to flow freely. Not only will it increase the value and saleability, but it will also give the visual impression that the house is larger on the inside. 

8. Adding Decking

Decking is another easy, low-cost project that does wonders for the exterior of your home. It provides a transition between the inside and outside of your home. If you have an area of scrub or dead lawn around the house itself, it is a great way to cover it up and add aesthetic appeal. 

Go for a natural wood finish. This helps the decking facilitate the transition from in to outdoors. Combine it with some great accessories, such as outdoor seating and tables to add a homely appeal. 

9. Landscaping

As well as the decking, the overall appearance of the land around the home is also going to add value and appeal. Even with the smallest of yards or lawns, simple landscaping can open up a space, transforming it into something wonderful. You can go it alone, or hire a professional to assist. 

Basic landscaping can be done by cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs. Plant evergreen plants, so that you have color and beauty all year round. Try to allow a straight path from the entrance to the property, such as the gate, to the front door, to be cleared and framed with beautiful plants.

10. Add Skylights

This one only applies to people who have a converted attic, and they may already have these in place. However, if you don’t, then skylights are a great, cost-effective way to increase the value of the home. 

For a low cost, you can increase the area look of the area drastically with natural light. A single skylight can cost around $400 while a full installation of a set can cost around $1500. 

11. Insulation

Insulation is one people often avoid, as it is not a visible improvement. However, insulation can really bring down the utility bills of a property. Done in advance, you have proof of a home’s energy efficiency when you come to sell, making it more likely to command much higher prices. 

Budget for House Improvement

Create a budget for your house improvement expenditure, and cross-reference it with the areas of your home that need the most attention. From here, you can decide which of the tips will increase its value the most before putting it on the market. You can find more renovation tips o Hardie Boys.

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