Who Is Layton Simon? Need To Know About The U.S Gangster BMF

Layton Simon is a former American drug dealer who is the inspiration behind the character Lamar Silas from the hit Starz series, BMF.

Layton Simon

Layton Simon has become an enigmatic person. According to the reports, he is an infamous US person who was involved in a drug trafficking case at the age of 14. So, reports tell us that for some reason he succumbed to Harold’s illegal activities. So, a year later, he saved enough money to put down a deposit on a new 1973 Cadillac. The young man also rose to fame in the drug trade before eventually ruling the streets of Southwest Detroit. 

According to the reports, Layton’s competitors, such as Big Beech and Southwest T, also fought over territories. In fact, the Flenory brothers also ran neighborhoods with him until a police officer went to Layton’s building. If you want to know more about Layton, you are at the right place. Here we will share some amazing facts about Layton. For example, we will tell you how he achieved notoriety and more. 

An Overview Of Layton Simon (BMF)

layton simon bmf

So, the reports tell us that Layton Simon was born in the year 1958 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. According to the reports, he stands tall at a height of 5 ft 8 and his a US citizen. People know him the best as a drug dealer and gangster. So, he is a very prominent criminal in Detroit. In fact, you may also like to know that he is a direct adversary of the Flenory brothers. So, who are the Flenory brothers, you may ask? Well, it’s Big Meech and Southwest T.  

For those of you who want to know about Simon’s life, there are no reports available. So, it’s because he doesn’t share anything about his life. For example, we don’t know about his family, childhood, or anything else. In fact, he has protected the anonymity of his parents. He never addressed anyone regarding his family in the interviews. Moreover, he also suggested that he is the only child of his parents. 

Things To Know About Layton Simon BMF

So, now that we know about Layton, it’s time to take a look at his connections with the BMF. According to the reports, the relationship between Layton and the BMF goes back a long time. In fact, in an interview, the US gangster mentioned how much fun it was to play pro sports in Detroit in the 70s. That’s when he met a person named Dirty Diamond. So, when he asked the person wearing a 20-carat ring, the name Harold Stinson came up.

Following that, he met Stinson and found out that he was in charge of a huge drug operation. Interestingly, Harold ruled over the streets even before Big Meech and Southwest T (Flenory Brothers). One should know that Layton was only 14 years old at that time. However, due to his curiosity and other reasons, he found himself selling drugs. So, he saved enough money to buy a new 1973 Cadillac in just a year (when he was 15). 

Is Layton Simon Alive?

So, there are a lot of fans who want to know whether Layton is alive or not. However, we must note how he became so popular right now. Well, after the character of Lamar based on Layton in the series, BMF became famous, and Simons’ popularity rose. As such, many people expressed their desire online to know more about his life. For example, they wanted to know whether he was alive or not. 

So, let us tell you that it’s impossible to say where Layton is right now. Since the police incident we mentioned, he has kept a low profile. As a result, it’s very difficult to know his whereabouts. Some feel that he had a psychotic breakdown and suffered from mental illness. However, there’s no authority who can confirm this. Overall, his current status has remained a mystery.

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