Lily Costner, The Supremely Talented Daughter Of Kevin Costner

Lily Costner
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Lily Costner has carved out a name for herself in the industry. Indeed, from acting to singing, she has times and again proved herself to the world. Coming to Lily Costner age, she is 36 years old. It’s enough when anyone possesses a singular gift that can earn them deathless fame in the entertainment industry. However, there is another class of people who have two skills that shine at their best, and Lily Costner certainly belongs to that other class. She stands tall with a truly fulfilling career. Indeed, she has earned universal acclaim and glory from her acting journey till now. Not only that but also her magical voice calls for attention. 

Early life

Lily saw the light of the day on 4th August, 1986. Actors Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva Costner welcomed her in Los Angeles. As a child, she manifested passion when it came to acting. However, with time she grew up and with time she fell in love with writing and singing. Thus, she evolved into maturity and became a profound woman of talents. In fact, Costner took admission at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

Early life
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Kevin Costner is the father of Lily Costner. To put it simple, Kevin Costner is one of the most famous stars from the domain of cinema. Indeed, he has sculpted some of the most deathless characters in film history.  Fans and critics respect and love Costner for his works in Draft Day, Wyatt Earp, and The Untouchables. Indeed, critics showed special adoration for his performances in Field of Dreams, JFK, and Bull Durham. In fact, Kevin delineates the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone. 

Cindy and Kevin Costner share three children. Thus, Lily grew up along with Annie and Joe. Kevin met Cindy at California State University. Sources tell us that Cindy was not at all home with her husband’s participation in love scenes across his career trajectory. However, she learned to deal with it. Indeed, we saw Cindy Costner as a wagon master in Dances With Wolves. Not only that but also she delivered the most fertile performance as Rosa in the 1998 film LiteWeight. 

Growing up

Lily spent a blissful childhood with Annie Costner and Joe Costner. Annie is committed to the world of cinema. Indeed, she established Sound Off Films. It is a production company that tells real life stories in the form of documentaries. Lily’s brother Joe Costner proved his worth in the space of acting. However,like Lily, he too found an anchor in the music industry. Over the years, Joe has earned a name for himself as an audio engineer and a music producer. 

Growing up
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Lily in the world of acting

Lily Costner The Postman remains an aesthetic treat to watch till this day. The Postman is a 1997 film. Lily portrayed the character of Lily March with uncompromising honesty and deep sincerity. In fact, let us tell you we also saw Kevin Costner in this film. Indeed, Kevin is the one who is the director as well. In her youth, Lily Costner appeared in Black or White in 2014. We saw her as a vocalist. She delivered her character brilliantly. In fact,the nine year old Lily performed in The Baby-Sitters Club. It unravels a sweet story as we see middle school girls organizing a daycare for younger children. 

Lily, the Singer

Lily’s interpretive performance of Silent Night at a live performance filled us all with awe and delight. Indeed, she also sings in Yellowstone. In fact, her breathtaking singing ability found home in songs like I Know These Hills and Heaven’s Gate.

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