Role Of Lighting And Digital Mapping In An Exhibition Design Company

Exhibition Design Company

What is exhibition design? 

The method of presenting information through visual narrative and ambiance is known as exhibition design. It is a multidisciplinary approach that frequently integrates architecture, interior design, graphic design, experience and interaction design, multimedia and technology, lighting, audio, and other disciplines to build multiple narratives around a theme or topic.

Museums, tourist centers, historical parks, themed entertainment venues, trade fairs, corporate settings, expositions, and retail outlets are all examples of exhibition design.

What does an exhibition design company do?

An exhibition design company brings groundbreaking experiences to life. They combine interactive design and media with the physical environment to create immersive experiences that engage, entertain, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

What is the role of lighting in an exhibition design company?

Lighting is an integral part of an exhibition. Effective use of lighting can emphasize the visibility, focus and set the required ambiance of the space. A good exhibition design company should know what the best lighting practices are, such as illumination levels and light distribution. For example, If your lighting is not evenly distributed, you can create a relaxed atmosphere whereas a uniform lighting scheme will help to make your exhibition appear more spacious.

Let us look at the role of lighting more closely.

  1. Exhibition Lights not only increase visibility but creates an ambiance for the audience. You can choose the lighting for your exhibition depending on whether you need a warm, isolated environment or a modern, public setting.
  2. Exhibition lighting can also help in directing the audience’s attention to the required space of the exhibition. 

Some commonly used exhibition lights are:

  1. Spotlights and moving beam lights

Spotlights can illuminate or focus specific parts of your exhibition. Whether it is a product, an alluring banner, or paintings in the gallery you want to focus on, spotlights are great to use

  1. Display Lights

Display lights or hand lights can illuminate the exhibition graphics. They are also available in different colors for setting up a particular ambiance.

  1. Banner Lights

Exhibition stand graphics and banners usually have banners lights behind them to create a beautiful glow.

  1. Backlights

Backlighting has the ultimate impact at exhibitions as it perfectly blends with the ambient lights of the exhibition hall. It also enhances the texture of your exhibition graphics by reducing unnecessary shadows.

  1. Rope Lighting and LED strip lighting

Rope lights are highly effective in creating a stunning backdrop because of their sheen. It can hide behind the products without being concerned about fire hazards.

What is the role of digital mapping in an exhibition design company?

Digital mapping is sometimes referred to as projection mapping, pixel mapping, and video mapping.

By digital mapping on specific architectural outlines, shapes and colors arise and morph, animals fly or crawl over the environment in 3D, weather changes instantly—the entire space transforms into a textured canvas for narrative.

Projection mapping essentially consists of three steps:  

  1. Building a 3D model of a particular structure or area
  2. Creating animation or motion graphic material that adheres to it
  3. Projecting the content onto the façade or space.

Digital mapping enables large-scale presentations that can affordably change an architecture’s exterior or interiors. Digital mapping applications include branding, advertising, trade fair presentations, museum installations, entertainment occurrences, public art, and themed special events. Because of its transitory nature, the digital mapping may turn a building, landscape, or interior space into a virtual public square, providing a transient display format that can transform one place into several other realities in a non-invasive manner.

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