Jelly Shoes: The Best Options To Choose From

Jelly Shoes
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In the fashion market, Jelly shoes have become a trendy style. If you do not know about these shoes, then let me inform you that these shoes are made from PVC plastic. Moreover, these come in a variety of colours and also have sparkles infused in them. These shoes are super comfortable and thus are very popular among people. 

However, these are not new products in the market. In fact, these shoes got their name from the French company called Jelly Shoes. This company came into being in 1980 and was founded by Tony Alano and Nicolas Guillon. Moreover, the Jelly shoes 80s trend was a great one. However, now these shoes are making a comeback and their cheaper availability has been one of the key factors behind their high sale on a global basis. These shoes will definitely bring back nostalgic memories for anyone born in the 80s and the 90s. Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the best shoes of this type in the market, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to discover your favourite choice of these cute and comfortable shoes. 

The List 

Here goes a list of the best options in the market for you to choose from. However, no particular order of arrangement has been followed in structuring this list:

The List 
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1. Melissa Possession Sandals

The Melissa Jelly shoes are very popular among global consumers. The Possession is one of the most iconic products of the brand. It is mainly crafted to bring back the memories of the 90s. When it comes to comfort and style, these sandals score very well. In fact, it is also in the affordable range and will cost you around $69 on the Melissa website. 

2. Cambridge Select Women’s Cutout Caged Chunky Flatform Jelly Sandals

These high-rise jelly shoes are perhaps the most popular jelly shoes for women. This shoe features a high platform and also has straps. Moreover, the dark-coloured shoe also has glitter all over it. Therefore, it looks super cool and stylish. As far as comfort is concerned, these shoes score well. 

3. Melissa Possession Plato Jelly Platform Sandal

We already know that Melissa is a killer brand in crafting Jelly shoes. The Possession Plato Jelly Platform Sandal is one of the best platform jelly shoes in the market at present. These shoes are not heavy, though they look sturdy. Moreover, these are also comfortable options for you. 

Melissa Possession Sandals

4. Sam Edelman Bay Jelly Slide Sandal

If you are a fan of pink-coloured shoes, then this jelly shoe will be a perfect choice for you. This Sam Edelman shoe is super comfortable and light. If you are heading to the beach, then too, these sandals will come in handy. However, you can wear these sandals anywhere you wish. 

5. Asos Design Lunar Jelly Ballet Flats

This slip-on style peep-toed flat is a very comfortable and portable option in jelly shoes. The flat sole and textured footbed add an added edge to these shoes. Moreover, they look very fashionable to wear anywhere you wish. 

6. Greek Sandals Eleftheria Slide Sandals

This is yet another easy-to-wear jelly shoe that is perfect for the upcoming summer days. These are simple, yet gorgeous pink-coloured shoes that are super comfortable. Moreover, for lovers of flats, this is a great choice. 

Asos Design Lunar Jelly Ballet Flats

Concluding Lines

Therefore, these are some of the best Jelly shoes that you can afford in an economic range. However, there are various other options available in the market. Therefore, if you have not yet tried jelly shoes, then select the perfect one for you from the list and go for it. 

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