6 Common Reasons High School Students Feel Stressed Today

High School Students
Credit: George Dolgikh via Pexels

It’s no secret that high school students are feeling more anxious and stressed nowadays. Along with many old challenges, they’re also facing some new ones. Here are some of the common challenges they face:

#1 The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many people’s mental health. According to Israeli neuroscientist Alon Chen, an infection can impact the brain, leading to anxiety and depression. In addition, living with regular lockdowns can result in an emotional toll. With students unsure of when their schools will remain open or close, their mental health is negatively impacted. 

#2 Inadequate Virtual Learning 

Many brick-and-mortar schools have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by rolling out virtual teaching. Unfortunately, most educators in such establishments lack the experience and skills to teach students virtually, resulting in stress for learners. Particularly impacted are students with special needs and physical or mental health challenges. 

#3 Tests 

Tests were already stressful for many high school students. Due to disruptions in education, students feel even less prepared to write examination papers. Meanwhile, others are trying to catch up in order to graduate high school and qualify for college and university after missing months of education due to the novel coronavirus. 

#4 Excessive Homework

Many high schools continue to dish out loads of homework to students. Not every student benefit from these assignments. In fact, homework can add stress, especially when it piles up, creating more anxiety. Instead of learning from homework, some students memorize concepts or copy and paste answers to complete their tasks, learning little. 

#5 Lack of Sleep 

Modern students have many distractions, including video game consoles, mobile devices, computers, and social media pages. While entertainment and socialization are essential, it shouldn’t impact a student’s sleep schedule. In addition, students should eat right and get the 8-9 hours of sleep they need to function optimally. 

#6 Little Support 

Despite having more stressors than kids from decades ago, modern students have fewer supports at home or school. Parents are working longer hours due to the rising costs of living. Meanwhile, class sizes are getting larger, and some governments are cutting budgets for support staff such as special needs educators, counsellors, and other professionals who can help students cope at school. 

What Is the Solution?

Students can manage stress by prioritizing rest, eating healthier, improving physical activity, and leaning on the right support systems. More parents are enrolling their kids in top accredited virtual high schools due to gain the following advantage over regular schools:  

  • Students learn at their own pace, able to finish courses in a year, with extensions. 
  • Courses can be placed on hold temporarily. 
  • The flexibility to learn at different hours of the day.
  • Homework is completely optional. 
  • Students have extra time to complete tests. 
  • The certified teachers, guidance counsellors, and success staff provide students the support they need.  

If a student is not thriving in their regular high school environment, they should consider alternative ways to gain an education. A certified online school that provides an internationally recognized diploma can take the stress out of learning. 

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