What Are the Advantages of Package Substation?

Advantages of Package Substation

Most companies around the globe are looking to replace substations or increase their capacity because of growing demand and aging equipment. Unfortunately, though, it can be ignored that the transmission infrastructure cannot be replaced or modernized as it will be a costly process. Therefore, the power industry comes with a cost-effective solution: package substation. 

What exactly is a Package Substation?

A package substation is a group of electrical equipment assembled on a platform or a trailer. In order to make sure that the package substation is capable enough to energize fully during its delivery to the delivery site, it is thoroughly integrated and tested in a factory environment.

Compared to other transmission infrastructure, package substations offer more benefits such as reduced space environments, enhanced safety, and many more. Further, it can be easily installed on the basement, floor, rooftop, or indoor /outdoor. Therefore, it is convenient and well suited for construction.

Let’s look at the benefits it provides to be the most cost-effective solution:

Benefits of Package Substation

You must be thinking what makes the package substation the most preferred choice is that it is a complete solution to be fitted into any type of configuration at your convenience. 

  • Reduced Overall Costs

Package Substations are pre-assembled and delivered in a single unit, which helps save and minimize overall costs. There is a reduction in transportation cost of field wiring, multiple parts, and on-site testing with this. These substations are specially made to speed up the installation process and reduce the construction time. Moreover, it lowers the cost of the testing process at the site. Further, it helps to save a lot of time. Therefore, hire a 

package substation manufacturer to shift from your traditional substation to a package substation. 

  • A Minor Footprint

Package Substations are designed in such a way that they take less space compared to others. And, fitting them in various configurations is not challenging. Its transportation is easy, and there is no need to add electrical clearances because of this covered environment. 

  • Convenience and Safety

With package Substations, there are no issues during its relocation, or there is also no need to reconstruct or destroy a traditional substation. This substation is built compactly, and its mobility provides the most convenience. 

Furthermore, it offers safety features such as built-n oil containment, a covered ground conductor, little exposed parts, and fully contained equipment. Overall, it is an incredible substation providing a hazard-free environment for everyone around it. 

  • Eliminated Environmental Hazards

There is a need for digging the ground for a traditional substation but is it not essential for a package substation? The package substation is built using a tamper-proof metal container that helps eradicate several environment threads such as fencing and exposed grounding conductors. Furthermore, the package substation helps prevent oil spills that might cause ground contamination.

  • Require less maintenance

It is pretty easy to install as it comes in a single unit. And, once installed, you can forget about its working. It does not need much maintenance. You did not need to worry about its regular maintenance. 

Final Words

Given that most existing substations that are not possible last very long, it’s high time you switch to the options that offer more benefits. Package substations are the new future of transmission infrastructure. It provides many benefits such as reducing the installation cost, preventing environmental threats, needing less space, and there is no need to dig aground. 

After all, there is no point staying with the old substation, which needs costly maintenance and replacement. Therefore, switching to the package substation is the best thing you can do.