5 Things You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Game

Your golfing game will only improve with practice both on and off the golf course. While there’s nothing like getting some practice time in with 18 holes, there are many golfing aids to practice with at home too. 

Don’t let your game deteriorate if you’re unable to play. Take a look at these 5 products to keep your swing on point. 

Golf Swing Net

How can you practice your swing if you are indoors most of the time and perhaps don’t have a backyard to use? The best answer is possibly a golf swing net. 

A swing net is good for use at home because it is usually compact to fit into a living room or a den. Many of the better swing nets are just 7 feet wide and just as tall with their stand system incorporated into them.

For instance, the Net Return Home Series V2 Golf Net with its polyester netting can handle a ball velocity of 200 MPH. It also has a ball return system, so you don’t need to keep fetching the ball back after each swing either. 

Complete your indoor practice space with quality golf hitting mats. It effectively simulates the feel of a golf course, so you can have a great time without leaving the comfort of your home. Besides, playing on a carpet or bare floor can badly damage both your club and your floor surface.

Reflective Rod

A reflective rod is a simple tool that is very affordable too. It’s designed to help with the alignment of your body for the swing to come. The Everbilt reflective fiberglass rod is a standout in the market with its distinctive orange color. The rod comes to a pronounced point at its bottom to secure it into the ground with little difficulty.

The rod is resistant to weather elements too. In addition to helping with your golf posture and positioning, it can also be used as part of a fence, a mailbox, or as a guidepost for a driveway too. However, primarily it should be used as a golfing aid. 

Putting Green 

Mastering the art of the putt is especially important. It can be something that has always alluded you or if you’re indoors a lot currently, then maybe you don’t want to lose your sharp skills on the putting green? Either way, a personal putting green is an answer. 

The Putt-A-Bout Par 3 Putting Green is a likely candidate. It has artificial turf, packs away cleanly, and is portable enough to set up and remove again when the family needs the space back. It includes multiple holes to aim for. Also, there are two curved sand traps behind the putting holes to increase the difficulty level and deliver consequences for egregious putting mistakes!

Selfies for Golf

What do you when you cannot see your swing or putting technique? Being able to observe your stance, feet position, shoulder roll, swing or putt, and the follow-through is important. 

Enter SelfieGolf. It’s a phone holder designed expressly for golfers looking to improve. The stick is designed to go into the ground and has a clasp system at its top to grasp your smartphone in portrait orientation. The selfie camera at the front of the phone can record your putt or golf swing. Then you can watch it back to see what you’re doing that’s wrong or needs a slight correction. 

Pocket Putting Aid

One of the difficulties when putting on the green is when it’s a distance away. Should you find it hard to appreciate where the back of the hole is, then it’s helpful to be given a better frame of reference. 

The SKLZ Putt Pocket Putting Aid does exactly that. It can be carried in your pocket when out on the course and put around the hole as a guide during practice rounds. Once you get a better feel for distance with putting, this aid will have done its job. 

Try several different golfing aids to maintain or improve your game. Each of the ones discussed above address different areas of a golfer’s game to become a more well-rounded golfer. 

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