Lines Nail Designs: Top Ideas to Play With Geometric Lines on Your Nails

Lines Nail Designs
credit: popsugar

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you must know that in recent times, geometric nail arts like lines nails design and many others are trending. Moreover, if you are in the habit of surfing through Pinterest, then you must have noticed that these nail designs and ideas have been in circulation since 2018. A statistical study reveals that internet searches about these nail designs have gone up significantly in recent times.

Now, reading the word “geometric” might make you think that the designs would be very complicated. However, on the contrary, let me inform you that these designs are very easy to create and maintain.

The List of Ideas

In fact, they look stunning, attractive and interesting. However, if you have a liking for complicated designs, then you can also opt for the more complicated designs. Therefore, if this description has excited you enough, then read this article to know about some of the best geometric nail design ideas which you can try for yourself. 

The List of Ideas

Here goes a list of top geometric nail art ideas that you can choose from in case you want to flow with the latest trend. However, no particular ordering manner is followed in arranging the list. Follow the list to learn more about some top nail art ideas:

Candy Buttons 

If you are a person with an aesthetic bent of mind, then this is the perfect idea for you. Use a light magenta shade to cover your nails. Then take up a cerulean shade from the brand of your choice and apply equally placed dots on the magenta base. This nai art is easy to create and looks strikingly stunning.

Glossier Tones

Have you seen Madeline Poole’s look for the Cushnie et Ochs show? Well, if you have seen it, then this nail art might not be something new to you. This is a stunning interplay of the red and the pink shades. All you need to do is apply a light pink shade on your nails as the base. Then use a glossy red shade to draw a single square at the base of your nails. This nail art is going viral on social media platforms like Instagram. 

Glossier Tones

Muted Moons 

To create this nail art, you need a light-beige base first. Apply the base shade heavenly on your nails. Then use coral shades and bright-blue shades to draw half-moon shapes with clear lines near the bases of your nails. In this case, you can take the help of removes and pointed Q-tips for drawing a clear line. 

Foil Cutouts

We have all used foils in our daily lives. But have you ever thought, about how a foil-like design would look on your nails? Well, this nail art will make you think at least once. To achieve this art, first, apply a stark white base on your nails. Then use a silvery glossy shade to draw conical foil ends at one side of your nail. Though this art is simple to create, it never fails to impress the onlookers. 

Muted Moons 

Pared-Down Pink

Well, if you want to flaunt the natural colour of your nails using nail art, then that is also possible. For that, you need to shape your nails to perfect oval shapes first. Then, use a light pink or white colour to paint your nail, leaving a blank rectangular space in the middle. This design looks absolutely great and it is something out of the box, as well as minimalist. 


1. Are geometric nail arts difficult to craft?

There are both simple and complex geometric nail arts in the market. The one you choose determines the difficulty level.

2. How long do geometric nail patterns take to get ready?

It all depends on the type you choose, and also on the one who is applying the shades. 

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