Find Out The Details About Alexis Sharkey: Bio, Family, Age, Death, Career & More

Alexis Sharkey
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The news of Alexis Sharkey’s death was truly shocking to a lot of her fans. She was one of the most promising American models from texas, Houston, USA. Moroever, she has also worked as a social media influencer, and IG personality. She rose to international fame after posting a lot of modeling pictures on her Instagram profile. However, it’s quite unfortunate that she left this mortal world two years ago, on 30th November 2020.

According to the sources, the main cause of her death was bullet wounds. In other words, someone shot her. So, it’s time to go through this article and get everything that you need to know about Alexis Sharkey. Here we will share the news of her death in detail and also a few interesting facts about her family. So, if you are a fan and want to know about her, then it’s time to dig into this article.

Things To Know About Alexis’ Death

It’s quite unfortunate that Alexis Sharkey is no more. According to the sources, it was her spouse who shot and killed her and dumped her nude body on the street in Houston, Texas, USA. The glamorous model’s body was found alongside the service road in Northwest Houston by the authorities at 8:30. Moreover, it’s worth noting that her mother gave a statement that she was missing since 27th Nov.

Furthermore, the forensics told the media that there were visible bullet wounds on her body. Therefore, it’s quite possible that the main cause of her death is a gunshot wound. A lot of sources also revealed that it was her husband who killed her and then dumped her body. So, that’s why, the authorities announced an arrest warrant for Tom, her husband. It’s worth noting that he had gone into hiding shortly after doing the deed.

A Short Bio On The Model

It’s quite sad how a budding model’s life was snuffed out by a cold-blooded murder. The sources tell us that her birth year is 1994. She was a girl from Texas, USA. Moreover, she belonged to a Christian family. As per her date of birth, she was around 26 years old at the time of her death. Moreover, Alexis’ full name is Alexis Robinault. Since childhood, she possessed an unfathomable love for the fashion world. That’s what probably strove her to become a model at a very tender age.

So, after completing her education at Youngsville High school, she went on to work with a lot of modeling agencies. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that she went to the Unversity of Pittsburgh at Bradford to complete her graduation with BA in Biology. However, she loved the world of fashion and that’s why wished to make a name for herself in that field.

Family Details

According to the sources, Alexis Sharkey was quite close to her parents, especially her father Michael Robinault. On the other hand, the name of her mother is Stacey Clark Robinault. She belonged to a catholic family of white ethnic background.

Moreover, she also held American citizenship. It’s also worth noting that she wasn’t the only child in the family. Her elder sister’s name is Tobi Robinault. Her parents loved both of them a lot. So, it’s quite natural that the death of Alexis hurt them deeply. In addition, we should also mention that it was her mother who broke the news of her daughter’s death on social media.

Personal Life

So, as we know, Alexis Sharkey was a married woman. It’s quite pathetic how it was her husband Tom Sharkey who shot her dead. The US Marshals Task Force on 5th October 2021 found out that Tom Sharkey has taken his own life and left this world as well. According to the reports, he was staying at his daughter’s house in Fort Meyers, Florida.

The social media influencer and model Alexis Sharkey tied knots with her husband Tom Sharkey on 20th December 2019. So, the sources tell us that Tom was a bodybuilder and entrepreneur. After their marriage, the duo moved to Houston. In the mid-2020s, the couple started to have a lot of fights over personal issues. The reports also tell us that they were planning to take a divorce.

Career Of Alexis Sharkey

So, as we know already, Alexis Sharkey was a model and she worked with a lot of brands. Moreover, as a model, she also walked the ramp at numerous fashion shows. She has a lot of fan following on her IG profile.

On social media, she mainly posted pictures of her modeling shoots and daily lifestyle. It’s worth noting that she worked actively with a beauty company Monat. She was a hair and skin care consultant in that company. Moreover, she had also worked at a premium hair and skincare organization for a while.

Some Quick Facts About Alexis

Now let’s take a look at a few intriguing facts about the model.

  • Alexis Sharkey was quite famous on her Instagram profile. She promoted a lot of hair and skincare brands on social media.
  • The autopsy report says that in addition to being shot, the killer also strangled her before shooting her to death.
  • She loved to travel and had a dream to explore various countries.
  • The authorities found Alexis’ nude body on a road in Houston.

Alexis Sharkey Net Worth

It’s worth noting that Alexis was not only a great human being but also a person who focused on her career a lot. According to the reports, she enjoyed a net worth of around 500k USD.