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Nursery Furniture Packages

Getting ready for the new addition in your family can be an exciting, but hectic time – especially if it’s your first child you’re welcoming. Not only are there clothes, baby gear, and toys to worry about, but picking out the right furniture for your baby’s nursery can be a big process in your family’s life. Ensuring the furniture you choose will fit the aesthetic of your baby’s nursery is one thing, but the furniture you choose for your baby’s nursery should be a quality purchase that will become a staple in your baby’s life.

No matter how experienced of a parent or guardian you think you are, it’s true that furniture shopping can sometimes be an overwhelming and pricey process, but at Kids N Cribs, we do our best to provide you with easy shopping options for high-quality, great priced nursery crib sets furniture. Our nursery crib sets include the essential furniture pieces you need for your baby’s nursery: cribs, changing sets, dressers, and more.

Cribs and Changing Tables

Your baby’s nursery should be a comfortable and welcoming environment for your baby and family. Of course, the most common things parents worry about when getting a nursery ready is the decor and furniture. When you think of the furniture your baby’s nursery needs, it’s probably common to think of a crib and a changing table immediately. Some of our Nursery Crib Sets Furniture includes 2-piece sets consisting of cribs and changing tables, the perfect package if the crib and changing table are the last pieces you need to complete your baby’s nursery.

Since newborn babies need a lot of sleep throughout the day and night, it’s important to have your baby’s crib in an area where your baby can peacefully rest. A quality crib is essential to ensure that your baby will be sound asleep in a safe, nurturing environment. Not only will a crib be an essential item for your baby, but the right crib will be a staple in your family’s life for several years; whether you choose to have more children or have family members who are welcoming a new baby, a crib from Kids-N-Cribs is a quality investment that can serve its purpose for years to come.

Changing diapers will also become a constant routine in the early months of your baby’s life. Not only should you choose a changing table that is comfortable for your baby, but a changing table that is also convenient for you. Some of the changing tables offered in our nursery sets also serve as a dresser, which is a convenient option if you’d like your changing table to serve more than just one use.

Additional Pieces

While 2-piece crib furniture sets are extremely popular, we also offer sets that include additional pieces like dressers, bookcases, guard rails, or changing pads. Whether you’re searching for a 2-piece, 3-piece, or 5-piece crib furniture set, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at Kids-N-Cribs.

One of our most popular sets includes the Bristol 5-piece nursery furniture set, which includes a four-in-one convertible crib, a 6-drawer dresser, deluxe changing tray, toddler guard rail, and a changing pad with plus cover. For a quality price, this nursery crib set is the perfect purchase if you need all of the essential pieces for your baby’s nursery. The four-in-one convertible crib is truly a unique piece as it can be transformed into a crib, toddler bed, day bed, or full-size bed, which can be used throughout your baby’s early years to teenage years.

No matter what you need to ensure your baby is happy and healthy, Kids-N-Cribs has a selection of anything you could possibly need for your baby. While we’re currently located in Northern California, you could browse our selection of inventory at your convenience here: