5 Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement

You understand that your roof has to be replaced when it leaks. When your furnace stops heating, it’s time for its replacement. But understanding when windows are to be replaced is a bit difficult. These five issues will help you determine whether to get a window glass replacement.

Reasons to Get the Window Glass Replaced:

  1. Poor Operation– As your windows age, they tend to become saggy and wrap. You might face problem in opening your windows or have to use a prop stick to keep them open. You can also feel air leaking through. These happen due to several reasons like exposure to sun and wind, type and size of the window and installation method, fast temperature changes or extreme weather conditions.  When these problems occur, it’s time to get a window glass replacement. Vinyl windows tend to deform when locked because they become soft on exposure to the sun.  A shift in base or settling, frame deterioration can be reasons for improper operation of your windows. Each of these issues calls for window replacement. Whether you are going to consider a full-frame window replacement or a retrofit depends on the specific cause of improper functioning of your window.
  1. Condensation, Ice or Decay– As your window gets aged, you can see water running down the windowpanes even if there is low humidity. This condition denotes that there is a broken seal and your window is not providing insulation as it should. Outdoor air should never enter into your room through the glass seal. You can notice dark or spongy patches at the base of the window frame or along the windowsill. This is a sure sign of decay and it’s time for a window glass replacement. Leaking windows besides causing structural damage to the window it can also result in mould growth. Even if it is not visible, there can be some inside the wall posing a health risk to all your family members. All these inconveniences occur when your window gets old and you should consider a window replacement as soon as possible.
  1. High Energy Bills– If you can feel the humidity seeping into your room from outside, you are probably spending money over air conditioning. Under such circumstances, you should definitely replace your old inefficient Windows. Nowadays energy certified windows are built using new technology to enable you to save up to 112% on your energy costs. You should definitely consider replacing your old, leaky windows with double pane and high-efficiency windows to reduce energy bills. These windows reflect the sun’s heat in summer and absorb heat during winter thus enabling you to save on both heat and air conditioning expenses. There are many types of windows which help to insulate and regulate temperature. While conducting window glass replacement, vinyl windows are highly advisable to save the most of energy.
  1. Curb appeal– If your windows are broken, leaky, and old or rotting, they will create a bad impression on your guests. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by getting window glass replacement. There are a variety of styles shapes, sizes and colors available within your budget. Some popular window style these days are casement, picture Windows, awning etc. These not only improve your home’s appearance but also save your money for years to come. You can have windows with fewer grids or completely gridless. Nowadays, black Windows, sliding glass, expensive glass and clean lines are popular among people.
  1. Block noises– Old windows fail to resist noise coming inside your room. Maximize your home’s privacy and peace by installing multiple glasses which considerably reduces sound transmission. If you live in a metropolitan area, thick or laminated glass windows are highly recommended.

These are the five reasons or situations when you will have to replace the glass of your window.

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