8 Awesome Birthday Presents for your Wife

8 Awesome Birthday Presents for your Wife

If you are like many people, trying to pick out the perfect birthday gift for your wife may make you break into a cold sweat. However, there is no need to panic. Whether your wife is the easiest person you know to buy gifts for or hard to please, with just a little thought you can pick a gift that will put a smile on her face and make her heart skip a beat. To give you a head start with ideas, here are a dozen awesome birthday presents that your wife will love and love you for:

1. Silk Loungewear

Silk pajamas are an attractive and romantic gift for her that are comfortable enough to sleep in and cute enough so you will love seeing her wearing them. To keep her life easy, be sure the ones you chose are machine washable.

2. Indoor Garden

Growing fruits, vegetables and flowers indoors is a fun hobby, but not always so easy to pull off. This is mainly because plants only thrive when they receive the right types of light. Self-contained, indoor garden modules are simple to set up, easy to move if needed and provide the multi-spectrum lighting that plants need to thrive.

3. Watches

Unless she has one that she really loves, a nice new watch will be an awesome present she will use everyday and treasure for years to come. When selecting a watch, look for a timepiece that is attractive, unique and yet practical enough that she will want to wear it everyday.

4. New Bag

A small overnight or gym bag is both a thoughtful and practical gift that she will be grateful for and make her think of you every time she uses it. Go for something that is sleek and sophisticated, like leather or heavyweight corduroy and have it monogrammed for an extra special touch.

5. A Wine Subscription

If your wife likes wine, a superscription to a bottle(s)-of-the-month club is something you know she will like and use. There are many companies that offer services that will ship bottles of her favorite types of vino right to your door.

6. Weekend Retreat

Take her for a weekend getaway somewhere you can both forget about all of the stressors that life throws at you everyday. There are many unique getaway options that range from off-grid cabins to full-service spa-style resorts.

7. Helicopter Ride

While most people have traveled in an airplane, very few people have ever taken a helicopter ride. Depending on where you live, helicopters can fly you over mountain tops, along the seacoast or take a tour over a big city. Provided she doesn’t have a fear of flying, a helicopter ride birthday present is something that will excite her and leave her with a special birthday memory that will last forever.

8. Edible Flowers

Made of chocolate, pastry and other confectionery concoctions, edible flowers will give the woman who loves flowers and candy a beautiful and delicious birthday twofer. She will be so grateful she will probably even share them with you.

9. Shower Speaker

If your wife likes to sing in the shower, a shower speaker is a thoughtful and fun gift idea. A speaker with Bluetooth capabilities will allow her to use her MP3 player or smartphone to play her favorite songs and maybe she will even let you play shower karaoke with her.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry has been a surefire gift for women since the beginning of time. Properly chosen diamond earrings, necklaces and bracelets made of precious metals will all steel her heart. Pieces that hold her or her children’s birthstones or have an engraved sentimental message will melt her heart.

11. Travel Espresso Maker

If your wife loves express coffee and travels at all she probably knows how hard it can be to find a decent cup of coffee. A travel espresso maker is small and portable, will save her time, a lot of money when she is on the road or vacation and be one of the most useful gifts she receives.

12. Kitchen Herb Planter

Similar to an indoor garden, a kitchen herb planter is a unique and thoughtful gift for the woman who loves to cook. A self-watering design ensures the herbs never wilt and will be fresh and ready to use whenever she wants them.