10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Amazon Sales

Amazon Sales

Amazon product description writers create product descriptions that tell the merits of the product and sell it. Amazon product description writing is a key task for the seller. SEO product description makes the product attractive to search engines and buyers. With this information, the buyer will get a better idea of the product and will be able to decide on the purchase without having to read other resources.

Amazon is one of the largest online retail marketplaces in the world. Amazon is not only a giant of online commerce but also an open source of useful information that can help the online retailer to make the trade more successful. 

Effective Amazon product descriptions: overview

First, let’s look at the elements of a product description: Get the information you need. 

1) Amazon product description writing should include keywords. With the right keywords, your product has a better chance of being in the top search results when an Amazon user enters the product name or related words into the search bar. Avoid irrelevant keywords, even if they are very popular with your target audience. If the keyword doesn’t match the product, the bounce rate will increase. That is, visitors will instantly leave the product page. This will hurt the BSR listing.

Experienced product description writers do not copy competitors’ keywords and do not introduce the names of other brands. 

2) Headline listing 

Effective product description leads to target buyers. The more popular the keyword (or several words), the better the page will be indexed. Product description writers believe that a very long headline is not always the best solution. The main thing – it’s the essence, not the number of characters. But it is worth understanding that by specifying only the name of the product, you lose the opportunity to promote. Find the best SEO product description for yourself.

3) List of benefits of the product Great product description contains a list of benefits of the product or its characteristics. Product description writers add areas of use, and other features, design the text, and highlight its structure. Information in the form of lists is perceived more easily. The more compelling your list, the more effective the listing. 

– Amazon allows you to add five markers – use each of them.

– The bullet should be about the same volume, with no more than 500 characters.

– Follow the rule of one item = one characteristic.

– The closer to the beginning of the list, the more important the character of the item should be described.

4) Amazon product description writing. The product description should not exceed 2,000 characters. Here you can use marketing tricks, present information that does not fit into the bullet, and add a few keywords that are missing in the title and list. High-quality product descriptions contain information only about the product. Amazon product description writers talk only about the product, without mentioning the company or other products in your range. This type of description cannot urge participation in promotions. Amazon also prohibits providing contacts to the seller and links to other sources.

5) Additional recommendations

Take into account the site’s requirements for listing design.

– Numerals are always written in the form of numbers, and units – are in words.

– The first letter of each word in the title should be capitalized. Exceptions to this rule are conjunctions, articles, and short prepositions.

– Each bullet should start with a capital letter, and you should put a semicolon and a comma to separate phrases within a paragraph.

– If you need to publish information about variations of sizes, colors, and other product varieties, use Parent/Child variations of the listing.

Careful preparation of content for the listing will help you stand out quickly from the competition and make your first profit. Use amazon product description writers to write the text. You also need to publish images created by a professional photographer. The more seriously you take the selection of keywords and the design of the listing, the more people will know about your product.

10 mistakes that kill Amazon sales

1) Lack of different types of recommendations for cross-sell and up-sell. Social proof of the popularity and the fact that the product is in demand makes the user want to make additional purchases – the purchase seems profitable to him.

2) Incorrectly compiled listing. As you have already understood, listing is a card with information about the product, which includes everything except its cost. Most products already have a listing. Product description writers believe that a correct listing is vital for a private label. 

3) Ignoring Amazon’s restrictions Business on Amazon, like any other, requires investment and time. You have a lot to do, from analyzing and monitoring competitors’ prices to managing advertising tools and working with suppliers.

4) Sophisticated site search Amazon values its customers’ time, so it strives to make it as easy as possible for them to gather information about their upcoming purchases. The user does not have to study the entire text of the product description – on request, the site will give him all the materials in which there is a mention of the specified aspects. Therefore, your task is to determine the target audience and create an amazon product description writing, to make unique  the description ready to rank.

5) Save budget for specialists. You need a lot of knowledge to make your product in demand. Invest in experts such as product description writers and photographers, you’ll get more revenue and return on your investment. 

6) Highlight only the features of your product. Research the main issues of your potential customers, their competitors, and the industry as a whole. Amazon product description writing should include information on how a particular product can solve key consumer problems and challenges. 

7) No product classification and reviews. Reviews are one of the most powerful tools for convincing and motivating a customer to buy. Not only can they be collected, but they can be rated, and classified according to different parameters and tried to make them as useful as possible for potential buyers. 

8) Lack of structure in Amazon product description writing. Replace Amazon accepts only structured content.

9) Lack of customer care. 

Study the needs of your potential customers, take care of their convenience, provide comprehensive information about the product, and provide favorable terms of sale. 

10) Lack of quality control. Quality must be in everything. Only there will the customer come back to you. 

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