How to Find Out Who Your Strata Manager Is

Strata Manager

Strata managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of buildings, their tenants, and the building’s upkeep. They have to keep an eye on everything from electricity to plumbing to ensure that every resident is happy and the property remains in good condition.

Each strata manager is different because they have numerous responsibilities depending on their field. For example, a strata manager in a large office tower might be more focused on lease agreements, while one who manages an apartment complex may need to work with residents or landlords instead. In addition, a strata manager’s mandate is based on the body corporate’s needs. Consequently, their purview can differ significantly from scheme to scheme.

The contact information for a strata manager is crucial because they are the ones who keep up with all the documents, bylaws, rules and regulations for their clients. This role includes collecting monthly strata fees from owners, ensuring that strata meetings are being held as scheduled, enforcing laws and rules of the corporation’s declaration or bylaws. They also provide general advice on maintenance issues like leaky faucets or clogged toilets.

While the original idea was for the body corporate to be solely responsible for the obligations listed above, a significant shift in the system occurred when they realised that strata management companies are better suited to handle these tasks as they are too much to manage individually.

So how do you find out who your strata manager is?

The first thing you should do is look for a strata scheme’s website or contact the scheme’s managing agent to find out who your strata manager is. This option is the most straightforward approach. 

However, if the first suggestion does not bear fruit, you can cast a wider net by relying on internet search engines. The only caveat to this method is that you must, at the very least, know your strata scheme’s name or what it is registered as. You’ll then be given a list of results that includes any social media profiles that may have been set up by the scheme managers and any other information about the scheme managers that have been provided online. 

If you can’t find your strata manager, you can reach out to your local council or look for them on social media. Strata managers will often use social media to connect with potential customers or advertise their services. 

It may be a digital age, but sometimes, The Internet may not give you the information you are seeking. In that case, you can adjust your methods and perform your search the ‘old-fashioned way’. You can start by asking. If you are renting the property, you may make enquiries to your letting agent or landlord. Alternatively, other unit owners will have this information through their membership in the owners’ corporation.

 If all else fails, there are a couple of avenues you may resort to for the information you seek: 

  • First, try speaking to a real estate agent with listings in the strata scheme. 
  • Next, take the long route by submitting a formal letter of inquiry to the strata’s body corporate. Since, by law, all owners’ corporations must have a letterbox, you only need to find it to post your query.
  • You may also attempt to find any notices that the strata manager posts to disseminate information.

Finding out who your strata manager is may not be difficult, despite the need for a bit of ingenuity in some cases. In addition, you have access to that valuable resource known as the World Wide Web that does most of the heavy lifting for you. So hopefully, your search proves successful, and you find the person who keeps your strata scheme’s wheel turning.