4 Tips for Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard

5 Tips for Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard

In nature, a snake is a vital part of the structure of an ecosystem. When they intersect with our lives, however, they quickly become a pest control problem. There are several ways to prevent snakes from surprising you this summer.

Keep reading below to learn how to protect your yard from these slithery creatures!

Know Your Enemy 

Every biome has unique wildlife. Dryer climates often find themselves with sand and rock-based serpents. If you have a wet, hot American summer, it is water and tree snakes that you need to avoid. 

Knowing what sort of serpentine visitor you are expecting is key to creating a pest control plan for your property. A little bit of research based on your location can provide a list of possible suspects. 

The Three Kinds Of Snake

For most folks, all snakes share one common factor. That is that they are scary. Having a good understanding of which category your unwelcome visitor may fall into makes a big difference in your prevention plan. 

The three overarching categories of snakes are venomous, poisonous, and harmless.

A venomous snake is a home-owners worst nightmares. Rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and copper heads all fall into this category. These are the kind of snakes where a bite required immediate medical attention and a trip to a hospital. 

A poisonous snake is a snake that is harmful if eaten. This is probably not an issue for a human, but if you have a furry friend then you may find yourself in a bit of a fuss. Garter snakes, grass snakes, and common pythons can all cause significant health issues if ingested. 

The last category is harmless snakes. These are the little guys that won’t do much more than scare a human but may cause damage to structures or vegetation. If you have a garden a snake in this category may well be your worst nightmare. 

Snakeproof Your Yard 

There are three main ways to keep snakes out of your yard. These are to reduce their hiding places, disrupt their food supply, or invest in professional snake proofing. 

Snakes are generally not fond of being seen. They like to find places that are dark, warm, and close to a food source. Eliminating yard clutter and sealing off any crevices in your outdoor spaces can go a long way to keeping your yard snake-free. 

If you see a mouse, then you haven’t seen the snake yet. The main source of food for most wild snakes is rodents. Keeping a firm grasp on the rodent population is the best way to make sure you aren’t feeding the local wildlife. 

A modern and extremely effective snake prevention method is to install a snake fence. Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. installs high-quality snake-proof fences to keep slithering, scaley serpents out of your life. Not to mention keeping your furry friends from frolicking elsewhere. 

Pest Control is For The Pros

No matter your solution, if a snake does find its way into your life don’t panic. Get to a safe distance and contact your local pest control or wildlife professionals. They will remove the snake and relocate them to a safe place far away from your home.

Enjoy Your Snake-free Day 

With these pest control and prevention tips, you won’t have to worry about snakes in your yard. If you do get an uninvited guest, call a pest control expert. Above all, stay safe, and enjoy a snake-free day. 

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