What are The Different Types of CBD Oil Available?


When most people purchase CBD oil, they do not realize that not all CBD oils are the same. Not only are CBD oils available in different strengths and flavors, but they can also contain different types of CBD.

In order to find the best CBD oil and really experience the plant’s full benefits, it is essential to understand exactly what CBD is and the different forms it can take. There are three different types of CBD oil, and not every option offers precisely the same effects.

Along with the three different types of CBD that can be found within oils, there are also a few other factors to take into account, including flavorings and strength.

What are the different types of CBD oil, and how can you make sure you find the best CBD oil?

CBD isolate oil

A few different types of CBD can be found within oils and will determine the exact list of cannabinoids being consumed. CBD isolate oils contain pure CBD powder and have had all other compounds from within the plant removed.

CBD isolate oils guarantee that the consumer knows exactly what is packed into each drop of oil and that absolutely no THC is being ingested. Some people tend to prefer to use CBD isolate oils as they contain fewer compounds making it easier to ensure that they do not ever conflict with other medications and supplements.

Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD oils are very different from isolate oils as they contain the plant’s full-spectrum of cannabinoids and chemical compounds. Some mild filtration methods are used to remove excessive levels of THC and ensure that the final product conforms to the legal THC limit, which is 0.3% in the USA and 0.2% in the UK.

There are thought to be a few benefits to full-spectrum oils because all the cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant are able to work together within the body. Hemp and cannabis plants contain hundreds of cannabinoids that are able to support each other, triggering the entourage effect, which results in enhanced benefits.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil

Broad-spectrum oils are considered an excellent middle ground for those who are unsure whether to choose isolate or full-spectrum oils. Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain some but not all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in cannabis and hemp plants.

Broad-spectrum oils often contain a combination of several cannabinoids that are thought to work within the body to support CBD. Broad-spectrum oils are much more likely to be free from THC – the main cannabinoid associated with the plant’s intoxicating effects.

Flavored vs. unflavored oil

CBD oils can be purchased both flavored and unflavored. The main difference between these two varying types of oil is the addition of flavorings. Most brands are now using natural flavorings and terpenes to create flavored oils, although some cheaper oils may opt for artificial flavorings.

When purchasing flavored oils, it is always best to stick with natural flavors, as this tends to be a sign of a higher quality product. Natural flavorings can also provide their own benefits in the form of vitamins and minerals.

There is no significant difference between flavored and unflavored oils in terms of their effects, and it very much always comes down to a matter of personal preference. Some people find that unflavored oils have too strong of an herbal taste that can linger after use and prefer flavored oils. Similarly, there are people who find unflavored oils to be milder in flavor and much more enjoyable.

It can also depend on how oils are going to be used. Unflavored oils are generally better for adding to foods as they do not impact the meal’s overall taste. On the other hand, Flavored oils can be more enjoyable when used on their own as they provide a fun burst of flavor.

There are many different flavor options to choose from when purchasing oils. Some typical flavors include vanilla, citrus, and mint.

Oil tinctures vs. pre-measured drops

There are two main ways to purchase CBD oils. The more traditional oil tinctures allow users to self-measure their dosage. An alternative option, and one that is becoming increasingly common, is to purchase oils in pre-measured droppers.

Pre-measured CBD oil has the benefit of being much quicker to use as it does not require the measuring of oil. Pre-filled drops can also be easier to transport as they are smaller and are disposed of after use.

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