5 Fabrics Expected To Trend This Spring


Each season comes with new patterns, styles, and textures. So, women are always looking forward to staying stylish with trending designs. A clothing boutique owner has the task of knowing expected trends to avail customers with the right outfits. Apart from knowing designs, it is important to understand the fabric trends for each season. With spring coming, here are 6 fabrics expected to trend. 

Fabric Trends

Importance Of Knowing Fabric Trends  

Fashion trends depend significantly on fabrics. The trends have a direct impact on what customers buy from clothing to shoes to bags. MNLPSY can help you in knowing more about the recent trends. Therefore, it is very important to always keep an eye on fabric trends to get a clue on what customers are likely to demand. It is important to keep in mind that the expected hottest fabrics this year are far away from regular lightweight cotton and linen. Forward-thinking stylists are expected to rock exciting and bold fabrics.                                                                                                           

Ideal fabric trends focus on bright and light fabrics that put customers in a good mood. The highlights to look forward to including:

  • Crepe knits
  • Light woven fabrics
  • Large patterned lace
  • Light stretch materials
  • Translucent animal prints

These fabrics don’t seem to work together at first glance but transforming them into a light and airy looks make them appealing. Print and patterns are a favorite with options including soft floral. Patterns are popular for upcoming design trends. 

Expected Trending Fabrics This Spring


When talking about spring fabrics, cotton is the first one that pops into anyone’s mind. When browsing products offered by one of the best southern boutique wholesale clothing suppliers , don’t ignore comfy cotton outfits. This evergreen fabric is loved for its exceptional adaptability and versatility. People love cotton outfits for the ability to pair them with other attires. Wearing cotton gives a classy and professional look. 

Cotton is a popular natural fiber loved for affordability, availability, and comfort. Clothes made from cotton are highly breathable and don’t trap moisture and heat on the skin. People love cotton clothing for their soft and lightweight structure. Ensure to stock a range of cotton clothing included printed options. As the weather becomes better, people usually show some skin wearing cotton pants, shirts, dresses, V-necks, shorts, and skirts. 


Like cotton, linen is a natural fiber with a sleek look and lightweight feel. Linen clothes are ideal for stepping out when the sun comes out. This fabric has low thread count making it highly breathable when temperatures rise. Linen clothes are available in various styles and designs making them essential in your boutique. Despite the lightweight, linen is affordable and durable. People love linen clothing for feeling breathable and air. This results from the absorption of sweat and dampness in hot weather. 

Linen outfits are ideal for casual occasions in the right silhouettes. People prefer linen clothing for work and for dressy casual events. Options for linen clothing include:

  • Tailored blazer
  • A-line dress
  • Pants 

#Art silk

This fabric is a blend of silk, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. Art silk takes the comfort of cotton and the richness of silk. Manufacturing art silk is cheaper compared to pure silk. Ensure to stock enough clothing in this fabric for people who wish to lower their carbon footprint. Fewer silkworms are harvested to make art silk compared to pure silk.  Another wonderful thing about art silk is versatility and availability in a myriad of options like embellished, printed, embroidered, and self-woven. 


People love silk clothing for the natural and luxurious look of this fabric. Ensure to stock a range of dazzling silk outfits in your store. Stylish ladies love this natural fabric for its lightweight feel. Wearing silk is popular during the warm spring days. So, having a range of different silk attires is a wonderful way to make good money during the season. 

Silk outfits to consider for your customers include:

  • Floral dresses
  • Boho skirts
  • Dresses 
  • Animal prints 
  • Patch blouses and pants
  • Ruffled dresses and tops 


This fabric is cool and lightweight like cotton. Chambray feels good on a hot spring day. The fabric resembles denim to allow styling it accordingly with no feeling of being weighed down. Ensure to stock enough chambray clothing to give your customers a variety of options to look great in this fabric. Some of the popular ways people look stylish wearing chambray with other attires include:

  • Colored jeans
  • Tied over a flowy skirt
  • Patterned skirt
  • Light neutral bottoms
  • Open over a t-shirt
  • Bright or patterned shorts
  • Layering under or over a dress

Wrapping up

With the forthcoming spring season on March 20th, now is the right moment to prepare your store to meet the demands of your customers. Understanding the fabrics expected to trend in the season is very important. This allows stocking the right wholesale clothing before the season heats up. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are loved by people in spring for comfort, breathability, and versatility without compromising style.