Common Video Production Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Video Production

As digital video consumption continues to surge, businesses create videos to engage with their audience, improve SEO, and boost conversion rates. Many people mistakenly believe you only need a camera and editing software to create good videos. As a result, they make blunders that affect their videos’ appeal and increase costs in reshoots, editing, and actor wages. This article assesses common video production mistakes and their solutions for flawless videos.

Poor Planning

The preproduction stage is crucial and can be the difference between a successful event video production and a failure. Poor planning results in videos that don’t have a clear purpose, reducing performance. Start by determining a video’s purpose, target audience, and message, then develop a strategy for meeting these criteria. Also, ensure the video’s tone aligns with your goal and brand.

Too Long or Too Short Video

Typically, a marketing video should last between 60 and 120 seconds. Research shows that 45% of viewers stop watching a video after 60 seconds, while 60% quit after 120 seconds. Therefore, video producers should optimize their videos for length, ensuring they are neither short nor long. Too short videos may not provide viewers with all the essential data, and too long ones may overwhelm consumers with information.

Bad Lighting

Poor lighting is a huge video production mistake, resulting in dull or shadowy videos. Good lighting makes subjects pop, creates desired emotions, and increases focus. Fortunately, you don’t need costly equipment to produce high-quality videos. The best lighting combines good setting techniques, light sources, and color temperaments.

Plain Videos

With millions of videos uploaded online daily, you should give viewers a reason to watch your videos. While many people want to use the tried and tested methods of video production, it pays to try something unique and stand out from the pack.

Instead of using a traditional how-to-video, think outside the box and develop something unique, creative, and engaging; it will keep viewers watching your videos for longer. A catchy jingle showcasing your product’s features or a fake game show is an excellent place to start.

Poor Sound Quality

Inaudible videos have the worst engagement, since they hinder the user experience. Also, videos with distorted audio, echoes, background noise, and sounds like a frying egg are deemed low-quality. The environment, sound source, and microphone affect the sound quality during video production. Therefore, optimize these variables for clear and audible videos.

Being Unprepared

Many people shoot videos unprepared, resulting in additional editing requirements and costing time and money to reshoot. Before shooting a video, three things are crucial. First, go through the script several times. Second, check video production equipment to ensure it’s working. Third, scout the shoot location, making sure it’s safe, convenient, and conducive. Adequate preparation saves time and money, and video production goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Excessive Compression

Video compression is beneficial and reduces a video’s size, storage demand, and bandwidth needs. However, over-compression harms video quality, resulting in blurry, distorted, and pixelated videos. A good way to avoid this mistake is by utilizing lossless compression video codecs and backing up a video before compression.

No Call to Action

A video without a solid call to action is incomplete; viewers don’t know what to do after watching. It ties back to the purpose of the video; do you want more shares, subscribers, or sales? A call to action can be a clickable button or link at the end of a video, website, or phone number.

Although video production seems easy, it is not, and mistakes are likely, from poor planning to boring videos, lack of preparation, and failure to include a call to action. Avoid these common production mistakes for amazing videos that educate, inform, and entertain viewers and prospects.  

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