4 Magic Phrases That Will Strengthen the Relationship

Magic Phrases That Will Strengthen the Relationship

In any family, there are periods when relationships face some difficulties. In such moments you do not need to close yourself from a loved one, hide your feelings and desires — it is better to be sincere, to cling to any opportunity to reconcile. After all, together, you are stronger than separately. Two views on the problem provide more voluminous thinking. Two hearts give more love. Are there any ways to reconcile as soon as possible?

  1. Words of apology

Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, apologize for the excitement or insults in the heat of emotion. “Sorry I was so rude. I didn’t want to quarrel.” “You were right. I miscalculated. I hurried and ruined everything.” “I don’t chat with single girls. These were my colleagues. I am sorry that I did not warn you,” These phrases are simple but very useful even if you say them after an argument.

  1. Words of recognition

When you meet girls at first, you want to compliment them on showing how sensual you can be. No matter how long you have been together, no matter how much you love each other, don’t forget to talk about your feelings out loud. Actions are good. Care, help, and gifts, perfectly fuel emotions. But it is equally important to say everything you feel, what fills you with joy and pride for your partner. “I was so comfortable this evening. We haven’t talked about what we love in each other for a long time.” “When you’re around, I melt, and I want you endlessly.” “I like the way you stroke my hair.” “I want to get to this exhibition only with you!” “No one understands me as you do.”

  1. Sincere interest in the partner

Remember how it was in the beginning? You were endlessly interested in each other’s thoughts. You wanted to know how your partner lives, what makes them sad, and fills them with joy. You asked, “How was your day?” “Where do you want to go this weekend?” “Do you like this music?” But then the relationship drowned in routine. Everyday life got full of work duties and casual problems. You have stopped being interested in your partner, sharing your experiences. To regain passion, you need to become enthusiastic about your second half again. Get in the habit of asking, “How are you? What’s wrong with you? What do you think, dream about? Why did you stop playing the guitar? ” This will help clarify many problematic points.

  1. Positive reinforcements

Many families make the classic mistake — they teach children to be more modest, restrained, constantly comparing them with others. This practice leads them to become critics. Such people rarely praise their loved ones and do not confess their love for them. This needs to be corrected. Don’t skimp on compliments and positive emotions: “Honey, you made incredible pancakes!” “I’m so comfortable with you. I appreciate it.” “I love you. You are the ray of my life.” “I’m happy to be your husband.” “It’s impossible not to fall in love with you. You radiate sexuality.” Don’t these words raise our self-esteem and spread our wings.