Met Gina Kimmel, the ex-wife of Jimmy Kimmel

Gina Kimmel

To begin with, Gina Kimmel is a famous person in America. She is the former wife of Jimmy Kimmel. Further, Jimmy Kimmel is a popular television host. Apart from being the wife of a celebrity, Gina also appeared on TV shows.

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Who is Gina Kimmel?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Gina Kimmel is a famous personality. She is the ex-wife of a popular TV host, Jimmy Kimmel. However, the popularity of Gina is not limited to being the wife of a host. She became famous for appearing on the TV program – The Man show. Gina is an independent and talented woman in America.

When and where was Gina Kimmel born?

In the first place, the birth of Gina Kimmel took place in the year 1964. Further, her full date of birth is December 13, 1964. As per her date of birth, Gina is at present fifty-seven years old. Further, she was born in the United States of America. Gina is from Hoffman Estates in Illinois. Finally, Gina belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Coming to the education of Gina Kimmel, attended Northern Illinois University. She holds a degree in business and history. Further, Gina went to Arizona States University. From the said University she holds a degree in communication and Journalism.

When did Gina marry Jimmy Kimmel?

Firstly, the couple Gina met Jimmy at the University of Arizona. At the time of their meeting, the couple was studying at the University. Gina married Jimmy on 25 June 1988. Further, the ceremony was a private event. The wedding took place in the presence of family and friends.

Furthermore, the couple has two beautiful children. Their elder daughter Katherine Kimmel was born in 1991. Later on, they gave birth to a son named Kevin Kimmel. The birth of Kevin took place two years after Katherine’s birth. Tough Jimmy and Gina had a good marriage, they parted ways. They divorced each other fifteen years after marriage. It was finalized in the year 2002.

What does Gina Kimmel do for a living?

Gina Kimmel is an independent woman. Further, in the year 1999, Gina appeared in a television series. The name of the series is – The man show. Further, the show was airing on comedy central. Gina had appeared in 17 episodes of the show.

Further in the year 2012, Gina appeared in two movies. The name of the movies ‘Party Like the Queen of France’ and ‘Party Like the Rich and Famous.’ Apart from being an actor, Gina also worked as a freelance costume designer. Further, Gina is also a businesswoman. She owns a brand called Maddy James Inc. Vintage Loungewear. The label makes exclusive vintage nightgowns. Furthermore, the company Gina runs is named after her father.

What is the net worth of Gina Kimmel?

The net worth of Gina Kimmel is around one million dollars. She makes most of her money from her label.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Gina Kimmel is the former wife of Jimmy Kimmel. Further, Jimmy is a television host. The couple was married for fifteen years. They also have two beautiful children together. However, after the divorce, she moved to Chicago and began a fashion label.

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