3 Mistakes You Make When Changing a Flat Tire

3 Mistakes You Make When Changing a Flat Tire

If you own a car, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t stumble upon a flat tire or blow out in the midway. You must avoid these mistakes when changing the flat tire.

It’s quite easy for somebody to mumble or yell out like “can’t you even change the tire?”
But in reality, the tire changing struggle is way more serious than you might anticipate. Gone are the days when the roadside maintenance used to be a part of driving. Perhaps that’s the reason why many drivers used to be pretty good at fixing these issues on their own. But ever since the technology evolved and more sophisticated and high-end material came in, the number of flat tires and blowout dropped dramatically.

Even then, it doesn’t mean blowouts and flat tires don’t occur. It can still occur, and you have to be ready to tackle the situation and avoid these mistakes when changing the car tires. So let’s dive in;

Not Having Spare Tire Properly Inflated

All of us have seen this instruction mentioned in the owner’s manual, but did we ever care to follow it? Honestly, No! Take my friend’s example. When he put the spare tire in his wife’s car and lowered the car while undoing jack, the spare tire was almost flat.

So as a last resort, he had to drive slowly to the nearest gas station to get it pumped. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend you to do a simple check once a month as it’s an easy preventive measure. If you have a spare tire that’s completely flat, it’s useless. So make sure you avoid this mistake and have a spare tire that’s properly inflated.

Not Having Flares & Warning Triangles

Inevitably, you have no choice but to stop by the roadside if the car breaks down. This can even happen if you are stuck in the traffic. And if you have warning triangles and flares, these can be very useful in warning motorists that there’s a hazard up ahead. Even if you need to change the flat tire in the shoulder, it’s still imperative to have a warning triangle in front. For sure, it’ll be a great safeguard to get the drivers’ attention and ensure safety.

Forgetting to Tighten the Lug Nuts Properly

It’s good to learn this lesson as early as possible. You must learn how to loosen the lug nuts that are screwed on tight by breaking the nuts loose when the tires are on the ground. When the tires are replaced, and lug nuts are secured, these must be tightened once before the vehicle being lowered to the ground.

In case you’re unable to tighten the lug nut, and this part gets missed somehow, you will almost lose control of your vehicle on the road. While driving on the freeway, you’ll probably start hearing the loud noise from the wheel. So whether you replace the flat tire with spare or new car tyre in Sharjah, make sure to tighten the lug nut properly.