Everything You Need To Know About Marcus Glenn Richardson

Marcus Glenn Richardson

Well, there are probably very few people who did not hear about this handsome hunk. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Marcus Glenn Richardson. However, we generally know him as the husband of the celebrity journalist Abby Phillip. It is since his marriage to the hot American reporter that Marcus has come to the limelight.

In fact, Marcus himself too is quite popular in his own field. Along with having a blissful marital life the handsome guy is extremely successful in his professional field. So if you are curious to know more about Marcus’ life we will discuss it right here. You will also get to know in this article, how Marcus got to meet his celebrity wife Abby. Now let’s get started!

A Short Biographical Sketch

Since our readers are curious to know a lot more about this handsome young guy, let us provide you with some cool biographical details. Marcus was born on 9th March 1983. Therefore he is presently 38 years old. He is the only son of Russell G. Richarson and Toussaint Richarson. His father was a former colonel of the US Navy. Therefore Marcus’ major portion of his childhood was spent traveling all around the world because of his father’s work. Marcus lived with his family in various places like Netherlands, Germany, Japan, etc. After working for 30 years in the US Navy his dad retired in 2007.

However,  after reaching the adolescence stage Marcus moved back to the United States and started his conquest towards his professional life. Marcus is an African-American.

Education and Career

As we mentioned above while discussing Marcus Glenn Richardson’s early life that it is because of his father’s profession he had to travel all around the world during his childhood days. Therefore most of his early life was spent outside the United States. After completing his schooling Marcus finally returned to his native land. In fact, he also completed his graduation after returning here. He holds a degree from the prestigious Florida State University. 

In 2009, Marcus earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. Moreover, he was also a student of the world-famous Harvard University in 2010. So you can well understand how much he excelled in the academic field.

Furthermore after finishing college Marcus joined the Howard University as a desktop analyst. He worked here from 2009 to 2012. His bright academic career does not end here. Marcus later worked as a technical support analyst in LivingSocial. However, presently he is working for nVisium as a managing consultant, since 2014. Initially, he joined as a senior application security consultant. Later on, he was promoted by the company as the managing consultant.

Marcus Glenn Richardson’s Celebrity Wife

Well, the name Abby Phillip is quite a well-known name in the field of journalism. She is in fact a renowned journalist, who quickly rose to prominence with her confidence and hard work. Presently she is the host of the CNN show. She had recently replaced John King. Furthermore, her role is of a political correspondent as well as a weekend anchor for CNN. Abby also made several appearances on Washington Week and C- Span.

How did Marcus and Abby Meet?

Well, probably this is the answer that our readers are wanting to know for a long time. Let us now discuss how the power couple met each other. Marcus and Abby met each other back in 2001 at a mutual friend’s party. Since both of them did not know anyone else there, they started chatting among themselves. They realized that both of them have quite a lot in common. And their mutual interest is what drew them together. 

As per sources, Marcus proposed to Abby in 2016. His expression of love too was an interesting story. Just when he and Abby moved to a new apartment, Marcus went down on his knees and proposed to her.

Marcus and Abby’s Marriage

People came to know mostly about Marcus Glenn Richardson after his marriage to the famous journalist Abby Philip. The power couple married each other on 26th May 2018 in a private ceremony. It was held at the Anderson House, a museum in Washington. 

However, the ceremony was attended by quite a few guests, especially the couple’s close friends and family members. Furthermore, the venue where the marriage was held was itself very famous. It has huge beautiful gardens along with ornate interiors. The decorations for the ceremony had some personal touches. In fact, Marcus’s love for antique items was also a part of the decoration. The menu too had food items from all over the world. 

Marcus Glenn Richardson Net Worth

As you know Marcus Glenn Richardson is an extremely successful guy. He has excelled quite a lot in his professional field. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that his net worth too will be jaw-dropping. As of now, his net worth is around $250,000. This huge fortune is the result of his dedication and hard work. On the other hand, his wife too earns a lot. Her net worth is around $300,000. 

Marcus Glenn Richardson Net Worth : age, family, wife, and more

Real Name âś” Marcus Glenn Richardson
Birthday âś” March 9th, 1983
Birthplace âś” USA
Zodiac Sign âś” Gemini
Nationality ✔ American
Age âś” 38 years old
Profession âś” Former colonel of the US Navy
Married/Husband ✔ Abby Phillip’s husband
Net Worth âś” $250,000 (Approx)
Parents âś” Toussaint Richardson, Russell Richardson
Siblings âś” Jasmine Richardson


Marcus Glenn Richardson is the husband of American Journalist Abigail Daniella Phillip. Marcus is a celebrity spouse and works at nVisium LLC, Herndon, Virginia.

Age and Birthday: He was born on March 9, 1983 and is 38 years old.

Education and job: He has a Bachelor’s degree in International affairs. He began working as a desktop analyst. 

Family: Marcus is the son of Toussaint Richardson and Russell Richardson. He has a sister named Jasmine Richardson. Luckily, this family lived all over the world thanks to his father’s job at the U.S Air force. 

Wife: Marcus is happily married to Abby Phillip. They met at a party, dated for five years, and Marcus proposed to her. Now, they are happily married.

Net Worth and Salary:

Net worth: $250,000

Annual Salary: $134,663

Final Thoughts

In this glamorous world, we find very few couples who complement each other in such a perfect way. Marcus’ success as well as his huge fortune is also the result of his wife’s supportive nature. Along with managing her own profession Abby supports her husband a lot. We wish them a lot of happiness in the future days.

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