Long-grain battle: is Jasmine rice better than Basmati?

Jasmine rice better than Basmati

When put right next to each other, Jasmine and Basmati rice seem pretty much the same. However, for the trained eye, they are not. Even if they share some characteristics like the scent, these two types of long-grain rice are different.

On the one hand, Basmati rice, which comes from India and Pakistan, has a nutty flavor and the scent could be described as flowery.

On the other hand, Jasmine rice has a more floral scent and it is, mainly, from Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia.

Now, what about nutrients? Are they the same or is there a winner? Read on and see for yourself.

Nutritional facts  

We will leave the details and the numbers for the pros, here we will discuss the generality of the comparison between Basmati and Jasmine rice.

For starters, Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index. This is a value that shows how fast the body absorbs the sugar in carbohydrates. Naturally, the lower the glycemic index, the healthier the food is.

In this sense, Basmati rice is healthier as it has a glycemic index of 58, while Jasmine rice has almost double the level. This can translate to how satiated we feel after having a portion of each. In the case of Basmati, the body takes longer to absorb it and therefore, we will feel satiated for a longer period of time. Jasmine rice, instead, is absorbed rather quickly, which spikes the blood sugar levels.

Now, even if it is true that Jasmine rice has higher levels of magnesium and potassium, it also has higher levels of carbs and calories. In short, when we look at this, Basmati rice is a healthier option.

Whole grain versions  

If we discuss the white version of both these types, Basmati wins the battle. However, if we were to compare brown Jasmine rice to white Basmati, the brown version will always be the winner.

In this sense, brown Basmati and Jasmine rice are the healthiest option because they are rich in proteins, in fibers and in antioxidants. These are the ones that prevent premature aging and boost our natural collagen production. Moreover, whole grains, like brown rice, have higher levels of vitamins and minerals and they have numerous health benefits.

Brown rice intake lowers the risk of diabetes. In addition, it can help reduce the risk of heart diseases and it can help to lose and maintain weight.

Jasmine rice recipes  

All things considered, Jasmine rice is delicious and a great alternative to the regular white rice. Just having a healthy intake is more than enough.

If you want to try out a recipe with Jasmine rice, visit this link: https://successrice.com/recipes/easy-shrimp-fried-rice/. You will find your way through a flavor packed lunch option that contains rice and vegetables.

Jasmine rice is better showcased in pudding-like meals or desserts. Its flavor can be enhanced by adding species like cinnamon to the water. Even if it can be boiled, the best way of cooking Jasmine rice is by steaming it. It can also be cooked in a rice-cooker.

Considering it comes from Thailand, you will find most recipes using Jasmine rice are bitter-sweet and it is quite common to make rice-based desserts with this variety.

Basmati rice recipes  

Basmati rice is a great option for a pilaf. Contrary to Jasmine, Basmati rice is best cooked in boiling water and its flavor can be enhanced by adding some olive oil to the cooking pot. Similar to Jasmine, Basmati rice can also be cooked in a rice cooker. Make sure you follow the instructions of your device as they are all different.

The water to rice ratio is different from other types of rice. In this case, you will only need a cup and a quarter of water for every cup of rice you use.

For most recipes, this type of long-grain rice should be rinsed and drained before cooking. in order to get rid of the high starch it contains. Doing this will result in a firmer rice after cooking.

The key to making a great Basmati rice is fluffing it with the help of a fork once it is ready. Try serving it along with some chicken curry. The match between Basmati rice and curry is heavenly!

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