Tips to Create Unique College Essay Topics and Craft Great Papers

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What to do when you need to come up with a good topic for your essay and then put together a decent piece of text – but time seems to be running out faster than you can do any of that? We have gathered several practical tips on how to come up with college essay topics that stand out within tight time frames. Moreover, to save even more time, we’ve prepared a couple dozen topics that may come in quite handy at any moment and remain relevant not only in 2022 but for many years to come.

Also, we must not forget that generating a worthy idea is only half of the job – you still have to craft the text itself under time pressures. Hence, we’ll tell you about 5 effective online writing services that can quickly develop an entirely original paper and avoid missing the deadline even if you only have a few hours.

10 Effective Tactics to Generate Original Essay Topics for College

One might say that everything has been written about anything, and there’s no way an average student can come up with good college essay topics that would also be unique. We say, if you don’t really want to do something, you will find plenty of excuses; but if you do, you’ll find a way. So, here are 10 working ways to do what you need to do if you really want to:

  1. Add a personal touch to any topic – that’s probably the most apparent way to create an original topic, as there’s definitely something unique in your lifelong experience that no one else has. Just keep in mind that you can apply this approach mindfully, with only those types of essays that really call for it.
  2. Brainstorm – that’s another priority option. All you need to get going is a piece of paper, a pen, and the courage to write down any crazy idea that comes to your mind. Works equally well for generating persuasive essay topics college teacher requires from you and developing the respective thesis statement.
  3. Discuss possible topics with anybody – they say the truth is born in dispute. Likewise, great ideas are born in the discussion, preferably with an expert in the required field. However, even a friendly conversation can break the dike and let ideas flow.
  4. Look at a possible topic from someone else’s perspective – a great method if you have even a drop of imagination. Think of anything from the perspective of someone or yourself some time ago or in the future, or from the perspective of a citizen of another country or a planet, or… well, figure out something original yourself!
  5. Look at the context and try to find lesser-known facts – that’s a tough one but might be well worth it. Everyone knows about the “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. Yet, it’s a much lesser-known fact that his birth name was Michael. Writing about what made him change the name can provide a quite original look at his legacy.
  6. Free write – this method is somewhat similar to brainstorming but (arguably) less effective and more suitable for creative writing tasks. First, pick a broad topic. Then, write continuously for several minutes and note anything that comes to mind regarding this topic. The main secret is not to stop writing even for a second. Once you’re done, go through what you’ve put on paper, and, hopefully, you can find a useful idea or two.
  7. Use the “third idea” – this approach can be applied as a standalone method or a great addition to brainstorming. The main concept here is to elaborate on the first idea you come up with, expand or narrow it down to the second idea, and then think of the third relevant idea. The chances of the ‘third idea’ being a unique approach near 100%.
  8. Return to your textbook for a fresh look – after you would have already spent some time thinking about the topic and performing preliminary research, you might want to 
  9. Use the PESTEL analysis and the Ws+H formula – PESTEL stands for Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal. In case the initial topic idea is too broad, narrow it down by analyzing it from one of these perspectives. Alternatively, apply the Ws+H formula to a broad topic by asking what, why, who, when, where, and how. Answering these questions can lead to multiple options of narrowing a topic down to a completely original one.
  10. Follow the news and write about hot topics – generally, it’s not a good idea to use hot-point issues in academic writing. However, when you need an original topic right here, right now – don’t hesitate to visit Google News to see whether you can extract an interesting topic to write about from the news.

5 Services to Help You with Topics and Even Satisfy Your ‘Write My College Essay’ Request

The ten tactics above are really helpful and effective. They only have one flaw: you still need time to apply them and then still write a paper itself. What’s the alternative? Address an online custom writing service that can help you come up with unique topics for college essays and also craft papers themselves. Check out 5 websites that can be of great use whenever you need quick solutions to your writing issues:


This remarkable service offers three fixes at the same time. First off, it’s a huge free sample database, with almost 100.000 papers of all types, shapes, and sizes. You can browse the database by topics or search by keywords and explore the results for interesting topic ideas you can adapt to your needs. Secondly, it’s a directory of free writing assistance tools and utilities, including the essay topic generator. If none of the above works out, you can resort to hiring one of the WowEssays’ expert writers and asking them, “Figure out the topic, run it by me and then write my essay for me.”


This is another website that offers free paper writing service in the form of a sample database. Compared to the previous resource, WePapers hosts “only” about 15.000 papers, which is still times more than many other sample directories. Entries are categorized by topics and paper types. However, there are no free writing utilities or on-site search engine, which is a significant drawback. If the samples you find don’t ignite your creativity, you can proceed directly to ordering a unique paper crafted according to your specific instructions from professional writers.


The PaperHelp college paper writing service is a regular at various “best of” ratings and “must-have for students” lists. Yet, such popularity was gained not due to its extensive sample directory (it’s really small) or free utilities (there are none), but due to the high quality and fast delivery of original custom-written essays and other college papers. The best thing is that you can leave generating the topic to a professional writer you hire, while you’d only need to approve it. It works well for topics you need to generate during studying; plus, judging from Reddit comments and reviews on customer feedback platforms, this feature can be a real deal for high school graduates who may need to come up with decent college application essay topics.


Young custom-writing website, but already quite popular among students across the US. As a medium-scale company, they cannot compete with the industry leaders, so they’ve focused on maximum personalization of their services. Customers can send their writing requirements when placing an order and later clarify them directly with the assigned expert – it’s something not that many well-established companies offer. Combining this feature with 3, 6, 12, and 24-hour deadlines and affordable prices makes this service an option worth considering when looking for somebody to ask, “Write my essays.”


The last essay writing service we’d like to present is EvolutionWriters. When you lack time and inspiration, this website is a great place to visit. Its online reputation indicates that it is a reliable service quite popular among international students. The resource provides fast and affordable help to undergraduate, bachelor, and postgraduate students with all types of essays. You can request their experts to offer you a topic or compose a paper based on your idea. Direct communication with the assigned writer is also possible. Overall, EvolutionWriters is a no-frills custom writing service that delivers good-quality papers for students who are aiming not for straight As but for general success.

Topic Ideas for Popular Essay Types

If, no matter what, you are still devoted to developing a unique topic on your own, here are several suggestions for the two most popular types of essays – argumentative and persuasive – that can set your mind in the right mode.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Is it possible to resolve the paradox of tolerance? How?
  2. Should parents be given permission to choose the sex of their future children when technology allows it?
  3. Should bionic improvement of humans be allowed, and to what extent?
  4. Who must play the leading role during AI development – mathematicians and programmers, or philosophers and ethicists?
  5. Is there a way to fully beat sexism in a democratic society?
  6. Should a person’s gender be followed by respective changes in their bodies?
  7. Can a successful white cisgender male be considered a role model in modern America?
  8. What problem is not debated openly enough in your community? Why does talking about it matter?
  9. Can American gun control policies be meaningfully changed to prevent mass shootings, or nothing can be done?
  10. Who has a higher chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse?
  11. Hogwarts houses: Which is the best and why?
  12. What is the worst fiction movie of the last decade?

Persuasive Essay Topics College Faculty Will Definitely Like

  1. Common good always outweighs individual rights
  2. Contemporary art is B******T, here’s the proof
  3. Why Zendaya should marry me
  4. Life is a lethal STD
  5. “I’ll think about it” almost always means “No”
  6. Humans are born inherently good
  7. Wealthy people must pay higher taxes than poor people
  8. Violent video games release aggression, not provoke it
  9. Climate change is real, but it’s not what will eliminate humanity
  10. Religion must not be taught in schools
  11. They used to make better music in the 1980s
  12. Tribal sovereignty in the United States should be more limited

So, there you go, you have everything you need to develop unique essay topics for college papers: expert tips, practical tools, custom services, and great examples to follow. Use them to your utmost benefit and showcase your originality!