11 Dos And Don’ts Of Using A Digital Business Card The Right Way

Digital Business Card

Business cards are the number one networking tool today. With smartphones and tablets abound, digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular daily. 

Studies indicate that 72% of business card recipients judge an individual or a company’s reputation based on the quality of the business card.

Therefore, it is needless to say, why you need to have your business cards etiquettes in the right place. So, follow these dos and don’ts of using the digital business card to reach the heights of your career. 

1. Add a professional picture 

Many wonder whether they should include a picture on their digital business card. Well. They should!

This is because the effectiveness of the business card increases by 400% when it has a picture. 

The business card recipient finds it easy to relate to the individual if they get a visual representation of how the person looks. 

Use a recent image wearing formal and a smile that makes you look approachable and professional. 

2. Send Out a note with your Business Card

A personal touch goes a long way. When you send a personal note with your digital business card, it makes a mark in the recipient’s mind. 

You don’t need to elaborate on the note. Something simple that expresses your sentiment is good enough. 

You can include something like this: “It was lovely meeting you. My contact information is attached to this correspondence. I look forward to building our professional relationship.

When you add a personal note like the above, the recipient feels they have no generic business card. 

If possible, add details of the place or occasion you met the individual. They will feel valued and that you remember them. 

3. Make it a practice to share your digital business card

This one goes without saying, but it is very important. If you don’t have the habit of sharing the business card, it’s high time you build it up. 

How you present your digital business card to the individual can leave a lasting impression on them. It is your only chance to make the first impression perfect. 

You should look professional and sound confident when sharing the digital business card. Practice till you become perfect. 

If you’re not used to it, you can practice sharing your digital business card with your family or friends. Sharing them in a professional setting will make you more confident. 

4. When you receive a business card, scan it into your app 

A small step in organizing the business cards you receive goes a long way. You must scan every business card you get as soon as you receive them. 

This will ensure you do not lose the information of potential professional contact. You will notice this practice pays great dividends in the coming days. 

5. Research and reach out to the right people

Not everyone you meet is interested in your business or connecting with you. So, whenever you meet someone, research how much they’re willing to connect with your business. 

Don’t force your digital business card on disinterested professionals. Otherwise, you will seem arrogant to them and waste your time connecting with them. Moreover, some might even assume you’re only interested in showing off your edgy card. 

6. Express interest in the other person

It is always good to express your interest in the new professional contact you will make before you give out your digital business card. 

First, try to know what they do and then request their business card. The other person will be interested in you and ask for your business card. 

7. Make others see how you or your business can be impactful for them

Nowadays, skillful promotional tactics and advertisements are all in the rage. So, learn to present yourself skilfully. Don’t show that you only want customers and clients for yourself. 

Instead, allow your potential business contacts and clients to see how your service or product can solve their problems. 

This will give you an extra edge. You will stand out from others, and they will be more interested in getting your digital business card. 

8. Don’t be sorry for sharing a non-traditional business card

Using digital business cards is still a fairly new practice. You might have thoughts about defying convention and feel apologetic or out of place about it. 

But you must overcome such feelings and exude confidence in yourself and your digital business card’s message, aesthetic, appearance, and utility. Know that you are uniquely presenting yourself and your work. 

You should present yourself as a torchbearer to this fairly new digitization trend. See yourself to be someone unafraid of being unconventional, like a leader. 

You might come across people asking for your contact expecting the traditional paper business card. 

If you feel out of place for not carrying paper cards, respond by saying you have something better to offer. 

This will create a great impression and a sense of intrigue, and who knows, it can serve as an icebreaker for a great conversation. 

9. Avoid putting up several specialties in one card

Let’s say by the day, you’re a computer engineer and have a side hustle in the pottery business. Make sure you don’t put up details of two completely disconnected professions on the same digital business card. 

Since there’s endless space in these cards, people assume it’s okay to add all their professional nitty-gritty details to the same card. 

However, your target audience may assume you’re not invested in a single field and ruin your image completely!

10. Do not share a card with outdated or incomplete information

Make sure you keep the information on your digital business card updated. If you have a promotion and a new job profile, include that in your digital business card immediately. 

The same goes for changed workplace contact details like addresses, phone numbers, email IDs, websites, social media handles, etc. 

You should be aware that when you change the information on your digital business card, the previous recipients will also receive that new information. This is one of the great benefits of a smart digital business card. 

11. If another person does not have a digital business card, do not look down on them 

Many professionals are still making the transition to digital business cards. Some are waiting to finish sharing their printed paper business cards before switching over. 

They might also be old-school in their outlook and do not want to make a shift. For others, it might be so that they will only keep up with the trend when they see all people around them shifting to digital business cards. 

Do not have a mocking or disrespectful attitude towards such people. Don’t think that they are outdated.

Remember that your digital business card and respectful attitude can inspire them to switch to digital business cards. 

Also, you might come off as memorable because you presented them with a digital business card. In any case, kindness goes a long way!


Digital business cards are here to stay. So, it’s wise to design yours with keen attention to detail and learn the basic etiquette of sharing them. 

And with these tips in mind, you’ll make an unforgettable impression and stand a chance to forge new business relationships, get more clients, and so on. 

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